The cigarette business should be changed frequently sample

almost any kind of physical goods will have a sample, however, some samples are not able to tolerate the sun exposure, which requires the operator to do so often. Among them, the cigarette is such a commodity. When placed in front of the cigarette package has long suffered from the sun, not the front color bright, easy to let customers suspected cigarette expired, even counterfeit cigarettes. Therefore, the sample to be replaced, but if two or three days for a change, really troublesome. The author’s approach is to divide the sample into three categories according to the different attributes, targeted to determine the replacement frequency.

is the first to be easy to fade and fade easily fade to be replaced, the display period of 5 to 10 days, the summer can not be more than 5 days, the winter can be extended in time, but it is best not more than 10 days.

second is divided into hard and soft roll hard packet of cigarettes because of easy collection, easy replacement for soft, often; collect relatively more difficult, it would naturally be more treasure, once found front has faded, I will turn over with the other side to display, in can’t find a smoke shell under the condition, also had to temporarily replace the smoke really.

third is divided into less smoke and hot smoke upset such as cigarettes or cigarette products listed have stopped production, customers buy less, but retail customers should focus more on this kind of smoke into the smoke inside the cabinet, in the most prominent position, take the initiative to customer referrals. Because this kind of smoke is usually very difficult to find the smoke shell, I had to use real smoke instead, so it should be more frequent replacement, the proposed 3 to 5 days to replace. At this time, we must pay attention to the first sample of cigarettes must be sold, in order to avoid the expiration of the cigarette suffered unnecessary losses. In addition, the sale of cigarettes can choose to change irregularly.

of course, some people do not necessarily sell cigarettes, but also because of the high frequency of updates, resulting in empty shell is not much, this time, the natural and consumers can play a good relationship. The empty cigarette shell to find soft and unpopular smoke, I sometimes think of some small ways, such as customers come to buy this kind of smoke, will give lighter to his initiative, asked him not to smoke shell next to me, most of the customers have agreed enthusiastically, I met a regular brand on the spot. The car left a pile of smoke cigarettes to the author.

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