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first_imgmophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat band&roll Leather Card Case Minimalist Cardholder GAZE Leather Wireless Charging AirPods CaseGAZE Leather Wireless Charging AirPods Case on a piece of wood band&roll Leather Card Case Minimalist Cardholderband&roll Leather Card Case minimalist cardholder on objects BEVVO Portable Blender Compact Smoothie MakerBEVVO Portable Blender compact smoothie maker with fruit EQUA Smart Water Bottle Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Magnetic Charging DockSatechi USB-C Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock on a computer 24 Gadget gifts to impress your friends this holiday season The Helios Touch Evolution Touch-Sensitive Wall Lighting lets your friends design their ideal lighting. Each panel is touch-sensitive and seamlessly connects to the others.mophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging MatThe mophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat can charge up to five devices at once. The four wireless charging spots work with any Qi-enabled device, and there’s also a USB-A port. Best of all, it comes with an Apple Watch adaptor. – Advertisement – BEVVO Portable Blender Compact Smoothie Maker GAZE Leather Wireless Charging AirPods CaseThe last item on our list of gadget gifts that will impress your friends is the GAZE Leather Wireless Charging AirPods Case. This case opens completely and comes in three lovely colors. The Gadget Flow Daily Digest highlights and explores the latest intech trends to keep you informed. Want it straight to your inbox?Subscribe ➜ Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock Glassblower Ben Slanted Bar GlassesThe Glassblower Ben Slanted Bar Glasses have an angled base that gives these glasses a cool look. They hold 6 ounces when they sit on a bar or table and 8 ounces when they are held upright.Glassblower Ben Slanted Bar GlassesGlassblower Ben Slanted Bar Glasses on a surfaceApple MagSafe Charger Fast Wireless Charging GadgetAnother cool gadget that will impress your friends is the Apple MagSafe Charger Fast Wireless Charging Gadget. It snaps directly onto an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro via magnets to speed up the wireless charging experience.Apple MagSafe Charger Fast Wireless Charging GadgetApple MagSafe Charger fast wireless charging gadget on an orange backgroundMarshall Major IV Iconic HeadphonesThe Marshall Major IV Iconic Headphones provide over 80 hours of wireless playtime along with quick-charging. Users get 15 hours of listening after just 15 minutes of charging.Marshall Major IV Iconic HeadphonesMarshall Major IV iconic headphones in a person’s handsNative Union Maison Kitsuné Belt CableThe Native Union Maison Kitsuné Belt Cable avoids a tangled mess with its leather strap that keeps this cord in great condition. It also has a unique zebra pattern that stands up to wear and tear. Native Union Maison Kitsuné Belt Cable Razer Cynosa V2 RGB Gaming KeyboardThe Razer Cynosa V2 RGB Gaming Keyboard is one durable keyboard. In fact, it repels minor spills. Avid gamers will appreciate the customizable lighting in every key.Libratone BIRD Small Bluetooth SpeakerThe Libratone BIRD Small Bluetooth Speaker is another of our gadget gifts that will impress your friends. It lasts for ten hours and connects to two speakers for louder volume. Just turn its head to switch it on. Native Union Maison Kitsuné Belt Cable mophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Matmophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat on a desk Satechi Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Remote ControlThe Satechi Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Remote Control works with just about any Bluetooth device. This gadget keeps appliances just a button touch away and provides total playback control.Satechi Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Remote ControlSatechi Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Remote control in useBose Sport Earbuds Workout EarphonesThe Bose Sport Earbuds Workout Earphones is another of our best gadget gifts that will impress your friends. They offer big sound in a tiny device along with an IPX 4 water-resistance rating. GAZE Leather Wireless Charging AirPods Case Libratone BIRD Small Bluetooth Speaker Lauren has been writing and editing since 2008. She loves working with text and helping writers find their voice. When she’s not typing away at her computer, she cooks and travels with her husband and two daughters. 24 Gadget gifts to impress your friends this holiday season Satechi USB-C Compact Wireless Charging DockSatechi USB-C Compact Wireless Charging Dock on a desk Nintendo Game & Watch Classic ConsoleThe Nintendo Game & Watch Classic Console has details similar to the classic original game. This time, however, it boasts a USB-C charging cable and a lithium-ion battery for eight hours of playtime.Satechi USB-C Compact Wireless Charging DockThe Satechi USB-C Compact Wireless Charging Dock plugs right into a USB-C port and lets users set their wireless charging case or AirPods on top. Portable in size, this gadget measures only 2.28 inches long. EQUA Smart Water BottleEQUA Smart Water Bottle on a table Another great gadget gift that will impress your friends is the BEVVO Portable Blender Compact Smoothie Maker. This compact yet powerful device blends delicious drinks wherever you are. Bose Sport Earbuds Workout Earphones Bose Sport Earbuds Workout Earphones band&roll Leather Card Case Minimalist CardholderThe band&roll Leather Card Case Minimalist Cardholder provides two compartments for the perfect amount of storage space. It’s made from a single piece of leather and has room for six credit cards. BEVVO Portable Blender Compact Smoothie Maker- Advertisement – Suyo Table Light Utilitarian LampSuyo Table Light utilitarian lamp on a desk band&roll Leather Card Case Minimalist Cardholder GAZE Leather Wireless Charging AirPods Case Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Magnetic Charging DockThe Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock doesn’t have the hassle of a cord. It plugs directly into a USB-C port to charge without any wires at all. No matter which gadget you choose, these gifts are sure to show your friends just how much you care this holiday season. So go ahead and check out this list. Your tech and gadget-obsessed friends will be dazzled by the items on this list.Polaroid Hi-Print 2×3 Pocket Photo PrinterFirst up on our list of gadget gifts that will impress your friends is the Polaroid Hi-Print 2×3 Pocket Photo Printer. This photo printer brings your phone’s photos to life on self-sticking paper.Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3 Pocket Photo PrinterPolaroid Hi-Print 2×3 pocket photo printer on a deskHelios Touch Evolution Touch-Sensitive Wall Lighting- Advertisement – Native Union Maison Kitsuné Belt CableNative Union Maison Kitsuné belt cable on a table Satechi USB-C Compact Wireless Charging Dock Suyo Table Light Utilitarian Lamp Libratone BIRD Small Bluetooth Speaker Suyo Table Light Utilitarian Lamp EQUA Smart Water BottleThe EQUA Smart Water Bottle has motion sensor tech that lets users know when they should drink more water. In fact, it creates a personalized hydration plan to help anyone reach their optimal daily water intake. Libratone BIRD Small Bluetooth SpeakerLibratone BIRD small Bluetooth speaker on a yellow background EQUA Smart Water Bottle DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Foldable Phone Gimbal BEVVO Portable Blender Compact Smoothie Maker We think you’ll agree with us that there are some pretty impressive gadgets on this list. What about those slanted bar glasses? Let us know which of these gadgets you’re planning on giving this December in the comments :).Want more tech news, reviews, and guides from Gadget Flow? Follow us on Google News, Feedly, and Flipboard. If you’re using Flipboard, you should definitely check out our Curated Stories. We publish three new stories every day, so make sure to follow us to stay updated! UPPERCASE Designs ZERO Aluminum Headphone StandThe UPPERCASE Designs ZERO Aluminum Headphone Stand keeps your headphones lifted and protected. The aerospace-grade aluminum has an anodized matte black finish for an elegant touch.UPPERCASE Designs ZERO Aluminum Headphone StandUPPERCASE Designs ZERO aluminum headphone stand on an orange backgroundSteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth Medium Gaming Mouse PadThe SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth Medium Gaming Mouse Pad immerses players in the gaming environment with its in-game lighting notifications in 16 million color options.SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth Medium Gaming Mouse PadSteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth medium gaming mouse pad on a deskēdn SmallGarden Indoor Connected GardenThe ēdn SmallGarden Indoor Connected Garden lets your friends enjoy fresh herbs year-round. Best of all, the connected app sends notifications when it needs to be watered and has built-in LED lights.DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Foldable Phone GimbalThe DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Foldable Phone Gimbal is on our list of gadget gifts that will impress your friends because it features gesture control and clips to your phone with magnetics. DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Foldable Phone GimbalDJI Osmo Mobile 4 foldable phone gimbal outdoors mophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat Bose Sport Earbuds Workout EarphonesBose Sport Earbuds Workout Earphones with a man If you have people you want to treat—and impress—this holiday season, you’re reading the right blog post. Today we’re highlighting the best gadget gifts to impress your friends and loved ones during this joyous season. Check out the list below for gifts that will make them think of you all year-long.The holidays are a time to show others how much you appreciate them. And there’s no better way to do that than with a few—or more—carefully-selected gadget gifts that will fill them with joy them. If your friend has the iPhone 12, you could gift him the Apple MagSafe Charger. Or what about a gaming mouse pad that lights up in 16 million different color options? That’s sure to give anyone something to play with. These are the gadget gifts that will impress your friends this holiday season.Related: 15 Best holiday gifts for your techie friends- Advertisement – Grovemade Wool Felt Desk PadThe Grovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad is an impressive addition to any workspace. It features Merino Wool Felt and protects your desk from scratches.Grovemade Wool Felt Desk PadGrovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad on a deskSuyo Table Light Utilitarian LampThe Suyo Table Light Utilitarian Lamp is a gorgeous workspace accessory. A 3D-print creation, it emits a soft, dimmable light and has space to store pencils, pens, and other office necessities.last_img read more

Conor Lamb, House Moderate, on Biden’s Win, ‘the Squad’ and the Future of the Democratic Party

first_imgThe carefully calibrated unity of the Democratic Party lasted about six months. After a summer when moderates and progressives joined together to elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. president, his victory has now given permission for the party to expend time and energy on the difficult task of sorting out its ideological core.House Democrats, reeling from unexpected losses in competitive races, wasted no time. Moderates have blamed progressives for pushing policies such as “Medicare for all” and defunding the police, which are unpopular in swing districts.- Advertisement – Updated Nov. 8, 2020, 7:15 p.m. ET This interview has been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.- Advertisement – I respect her and how hard she works. And what she did in an extremely low-turnout Democratic primary. But the fact is that in general elections in these districts — particularly in the ones where President Trump himself campaigns over and over and over again, and attacks members within their own Republican-leaning districts, like me and Representative Slotkin and Representative Spanberger — it’s the message that matters. It’s not a question of door knocking, or Facebook. It matters what policies you stand for, and which ones you don’t. And that is all that we are trying to say.The American people just showed us in massive numbers, generally, which side of these issues that they are on. They sent us a Republican Senate and a Democratic president; we’re going have to do things that we can compromise over.You mentioned sniping. Are progressives leading that or are moderates also doing so? I’m thinking of all the anonymous quotes attacking members of the left, something that she mentioned.That’s just honestly a hard question to answer, because I don’t know who the anonymous people are. I believe we should put your name behind those types of comments and that’s generally what I do.But I got to say, as you’ve talked a lot about Representative Ocasio-Cortez, she can put her name behind stuff and that’s I guess courageous, but when it’s a damaging idea or bad policy, like her tweeting out that fracking is bad in the middle of a presidential debate when we’re trying to win western Pennsylvania — that’s not being anything like a team player. And it’s honestly giving a false and ineffective promise to people that makes it very difficult to win the areas where President Trump is most popular in campaigns. You and Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez are on different sides of the ideological spectrum, but the same side of a generational divide among Democrats. House party leadership has said they plan to run again. Does there need to be more youth among Democratic leadership?The most important thing is that the leadership we have has to listen to the newer, younger members and actually give us some input and help us get accomplishments at the policy level. Q. What’s your expectation of Joe Biden’s Democratic Party? How do you expect him to fall on the moderate vs. progressive divisions we see in the House?A. I think that he means what he says when he says, “I ran a Democrat, but I’m going to serve as an American president.” And what that means, I believe, is that every single day, and on every issue, he’s going to be working to get as many people around the table and singing from the same sheet music as you can. And sometimes that will be everyone in the Democratic caucus. Sometimes it will be some people in the Democratic caucus and some Republicans. I think that’s going to change by the issue, but he’s a person that really believes our actual job in Washington, D.C., is to work with each other, compromise to get the best deal we can and then get the thing done. And I believe that too.What went wrong for House Democrats when they were supposed to pick up seats?- Advertisement – But progressives, rallying to influence Mr. Biden on cabinet appointments and initial policy, have pushed back. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York has pinned those House losses on poor digital campaigning, saying members made themselves “sitting ducks” for Republicans.Conor Lamb, the 36-year-old Pennsylvania Democrat who beat back a Republican challenge in a district that President Trump won in 2016, is one of those moderates who believes the left is costing Democrats in key areas. In an interview with The New York Times, Mr. Lamb said he expected the incoming administration to govern as it had campaigned: with progressives at arm’s length. Let’s take that issue. Joe Biden did not support defunding the police. Almost all the members of the Democratic Congress, even folks like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, came out against it. What is the party supposed to do that it didn’t?I think we can do it much more clearly and repetitively and show it with our actions. We need to have a unified Democratic message about good law enforcement and how to keep people safe, while addressing the systemic racism that I do believe exists and the racial inequities that absolutely do exist. And when we passed the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act, that’s exactly what we did.But the people that I was on the phone with, when we were passing that at the time, were not the freshmen members who are criticizing us today. It was Karen Bass and Cedric Richmond and Colin Allred — and I was listening to them. And, you know, pretty much most of our moderate conservative Democrats all voted for that bill. We listened, we compromised and we got something done. And that’s what this job is really about.Is it the view of moderate Democrats that the progressives or the so-called Squad has taken up too much space in the national conversation?I wouldn’t put it that way. Because that really focuses on them as individuals and their personalities. And that is not what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to have a discussion about policy, not personality. And I want to be really clear on that, because I respect every one of those members and how hard they worked to get elected and how hard they have worked to stay elected and represent their constituencies. But the fact is that they and others are advocating policies that are unworkable and extremely unpopular.So I would just say that our view is more that we want to have a clearer, sharper, more unified message on policy itself, regardless of who gets the credit or who is in the limelight for that. In the Democratic primary, even as progressive candidates lost, polling showed that their issues remained popular among Democrats. Even things like single-payer health insurance or things like the Green New Deal. What’s your response to that? At the end of the day, it’s individual candidates that have to win races, and then work with their fellow officeholders to pass bills into law and change people’s lives. So you can tell me all the polling you want, but you have to win elections.And I’ve now been through three very difficult elections in a Republican-leaning district, with the president personally campaigning against me. And I can tell you that people are not clamoring for the two policies that you just asked about. So, that’s just what probably separates a winner from a loser in a district like mine.On Saturday, I interviewed Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and she mentioned you and how some House moderates ran their campaigns. I wanted to get a fact check quickly: Did you all spend just $2,000 on Facebook the week before the election?She doesn’t have any idea how we ran our campaign, or what we spent, to be honest with you. So yeah, her statement was wrong. But there’s a deeper truth there, which is this — that our districts and our campaigns are extremely different. You know, I just leave it at that.She said the way moderates ran their campaigns left them as “sitting ducks.” What was your reaction?I have to be honest and say that I was surprised about the whole interview on the day when Vice President and now President-Elect Biden was having the election called for him. I just don’t think it was a day for people to be sniping at other members, especially in districts that are so different from their own. But what seems to happen sometimes is when push comes to shove, the younger members who have come from these really tough districts and tough races don’t always feel that the leadership takes our input as seriously as we would like. And I think that’s something they need to improve, and I would bet that Representative Ocasio-Cortez would feel similarly — even if it was on different issues. That’s what we’re trying to say: that the rhetoric and the policies and all that stuff — it has gone way too far. It needs to be dialed back. It needs to be rooted in common sense, in reality, and yes, politics. Because we need districts like mine to stay in the majority and get something done for the people that we care about the most. I’m giving you an honest account of what I’m hearing from my own constituents, which is that they are extremely frustrated by the message of defunding the police and banning fracking. And I, as a Democrat, am just as frustrated. Because those things aren’t just unpopular, they’re completely unrealistic, and they aren’t going to happen. And they amount to false promises by the people that call for them.If someone in your family makes their living in some way connected to natural gas, whether on the pipeline itself, or you know, even in a restaurant that serves natural gas workers, this isn’t something to joke around about or be casual about in your language. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Something really did go down to zero—Donald Trump’s effort in fighting COVID-19

first_imgOn Wednesday, the United States reported over 140,000 new cases of COVID-19. That’s more than 30,000 cases above where it was a week ago. Unfortunately, as far as the virus is concerned, that rate of growth—and more—is perfectly sustainable. No matter what retired radiologist Scott Atlas may claim, the United States is nowhere near reaching the likely impossible “herd immunity.” For the virus, Trump has built a Disneyland filled with people who believe masks are a political statement and science is just an opinion.He’s set the country up to fail. And we are. As CNBC reports, that wasn’t the end of the growing White House hotspot. White House Political Director Brian Jack has also tested positive. So has former White House aide Healy Baumgardner, who apparently attended Trump’s “victory party” as a guest of Rudy Giuliani. All of which shows that, following the wide ranging effects of the Rose Garden superspreader event at the start of October, the White House learned … not a damn thing.It was no surprise at all that Mike Pence, the supposed head of Trump’s coronavirus task force, responded to the spike of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by announcing that … he was going on vacation. Which may be the best symbol of the genuine disdain that the entire Republican Party holds for the populace. It’s only improved by the fact that Pence has now cancelled his vacation, not out of concern over the 1,000+ Americans dying every day, but because he thought it was a bad look to run off while Trump was still complaining about the election.Pence may have decided to put off dipping his pale toes in the Gulf (the fact that Tropical Storm Eta is currently blasting his designated vacation spot may have also played a role), but he hasn’t stepped up on stage to announce any new actions, plans, or good housekeeping tips. Just about the only thing that has come out of the White House concerning COVID-19 in the past week has been complaints that Pfizer released good news about a vaccine four days after the election, which apparently means that Big Pharma is also part of the Deep State.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –center_img When White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said “We’re not going to control the pandemic” during an October interview, he wasn’t saying anything that wasn’t already obvious. It’s been months since Donald Trump has even made a pretense of trying to address the crisis. It’s clear that Trump long ago signed out of any concern over the virus—other than bragging about his own survival thanks to a timely dose of a medication unavailable to 99.9% of those infected. The day after the election, Meadows himself tested positive for COVID-19 … then went on to work for two days before admitting the fact to a few of his aids on Friday. Over that same period, at least five other White House officials tested positive. That includes one of Meadows’ aides, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, and attorney David Bossie. Bossie spent a hot second in charge of Trump’s campaign of election denial before discovering that the heat was actually a COVID-19 fever. Also testing positive was Charlton Boyd, an aide to Jared Kushner … please remember that what you’re thinking right now is wrong.- Advertisement –last_img read more

‘Are We Getting Invaded?’ U.S. Boats Faced Russian Aggression Near Alaska

first_imgAlaska already draws a relatively large portion of U.S. military spending, with bases serving the Air Force and the Army in or around both Anchorage and Fairbanks. Jets in Alaska scrambled repeatedly this year to intercept Russian aircraft moving toward U.S. airspace. But jets taking off from inland bases can take more than 90 minutes to reach the coast of Alaska, said Maj. Gen. Scott Clancy, a Canadian officer who is the director of operations at NORAD.General Clancy said the encounters were professional. In the encounter last month, the four Russian aircraft loitered in the area for about 90 minutes and never crossed into U.S. airspace. But General Clancy said it was clear the Russians were both testing the capabilities of NORAD and demonstrating their own, increasing the frequency and also the complexity of their approaches.“This adversary — this competitor, Russia — has advanced on all fronts,” he said. “We find ourselves in another era of great-power competition. Russia obviously wants to be a competitor in that.”Lt. Gen. David Krumm, commander of the multi-force Alaskan Command and also the 11th Air Force, said that while the Arctic used to provide a natural buffer between the nations of the Far North, the new possibility of ice-free passage has changed that.“We’re at a pivotal point in the timeline of the Arctic,” he said at a recent convention of the Alaska Federation of Natives, many of whose members reside in remote villages scattered throughout the northern region.General Krumm said the United States would need to invest in operations, equipment and training to prepare for the changing environment. Alaska, he said, has historically been viewed as a base from which to project American power elsewhere in the world, but the mission is changing. ANCHORAGE — The crew of the Bristol Leader was laying out its long cod-catching line well within U.S. fishing territory in the Bering Sea when a voice crackled over the VHF radio and began issuing commands: The ship was in danger, it said, and needed to move.The warnings, coming in a mixture of Russian and accented English from a plane buzzing overhead, grew more specific and more urgent. There was a submarine nearby, the voice said. Missiles were being fired. Leave the area.- Advertisement – The Russian military operations in August inside the U.S. economic zone off the coast of Alaska were the latest in a series of escalated encounters across the North Pacific and the Arctic, where the retreat of polar ice continues to draw new commercial and military traffic. This year, the Russian military has driven a new nuclear-powered icebreaker straight to the North Pole, dropped paratroopers into a high-Arctic archipelago to perform a mock battle and repeatedly flown bombers to the edge of U.S. airspace.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Other U.S. fishing vessels that were scattered over 100 miles of open sea were getting similar messages. Capt. Steve Elliott stood dumbfounded on the trawler Vesteraalen as three Russian warships came barreling through, barking orders of their own. On the ship Blue North, commands from a Russian plane led Capt. David Anderson to contact the U.S. Coast Guard, wondering how to protect his crew of 27.“It was frightening, to say the least,” Captain Anderson said. “The Coast Guard’s response was: Just do what they say.” Russians have refurbished and restored dozens of military posts in the Arctic region, including on Wrangel Island, some 300 miles from the coast of Alaska, and have laid plans for controlling emerging navigation routes that would bring traffic through the Bering Strait, where Alaska and Russia are separated by only 55 miles of water. – Advertisement –center_img As he considered the safety of the 130 people on his boat, Captain Thomas ultimately decided to leave. He estimates the forced departure cost his company more than $1 million in revenue.Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska, a Republican, who has pressed for years for a stronger U.S. presence in the Arctic and has warned about increasing Russian activity there, said the fishing boats should not have been forced to leave U.S. fishing territory. He said he was surprised by the scale of Russia’s recent aggressive actions in the Bering Sea, noting that during the same exercise in August, fighter planes from the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, scrambled to respond to three groups of Russian aircraft that approached Alaska.“I think they were testing us — flexing their military muscle,” the senator said.Coast Guard officials said Russia had notified the U.S. government that part of its exercise would include a portion of the fishing zone. But federal officials did not alert commercial fishing operators to the planned exercise.Coast Guard officials said they have been working to make sure future notifications reached the right people. They have also said that U.S. fishing vessels were not required to follow any orders from a foreign entity to depart American fishing grounds. But in a memo last month to those involved in the North Pacific fishing industry that outlined what had transpired in the Bering Sea, the Coast Guard also cautioned that “safety of life at sea should always be paramount in managing the safe navigation of any vessel on the high seas, and is the responsibility of the mariner with firsthand situational awareness.”As Russia has ramped up its presence in the region, U.S. officials have accelerated their own efforts. The Coast Guard has long complained that its lone pair of aging icebreakers are struggling to stay in service but may now have the opportunity to build six new ones. (Russia has dozens.) The United States is also discussing a northern deepwater port, perhaps around Nome. Currently, the nearest strategic port is 1,300 nautical miles away in Anchorage. “What we have to do now is be prepared to fight here and defend here,” he said. As seas warmed by climate change open new opportunities for oil exploration and trade routes, the U.S. Coast Guard now finds itself monitoring a range of new activity: cruise ships promising a voyage through waters few have ever seen, research vessels trying to understand the changing landscape, tankers carrying new gas riches, and shipping vessels testing new passageways that sailors of centuries past could only dream of.Russia’s operations in the Arctic have meant a growing military presence at America’s northern door. Rear Adm. Matthew T. Bell Jr., the commander of the Coast Guard district that oversees Alaska, said it was not a surprise to see Russian forces operating in the Bering Sea over the summer, but “the surprise was how aggressive they got on our side of the maritime boundary line.”In the air, U.S. jets in Alaska typically scramble to intercept about a half-dozen approaching Russian aircraft a year, outliers on the long-range nuclear bomber patrols that Russia resumed in 2007. But this year that number has risen to 14 — on pace to set a record since the Cold War era. In the most recent case, last month, the United States responded to the approach of two Russian bombers and two Russian fighters that came within 30 nautical miles of Alaskan shores. This summer, Russia’s military operated in the Bering Sea, home to America’s largest fishery, where boats haul up pots crawling with red king crab, and trawlers dump nets filled with 200 tons of pollock onto their decks. The area is the U.S. pathway to the Arctic waters where extraction companies have worked for years to capture the billions of dollars of oil and gas resources trapped under the sea floor.U.S. territorial waters extend 12 nautical miles from the nation’s shores, but commercial vessels operate even farther within the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone, a territory stretching some 200 miles offshore in which the country can harvest fish or natural resources without foreign competition but cannot prohibit the passage of international vessels.Tim Thomas, a U.S. captain on the fishing vessel Northern Jaeger, encountered this summer’s Russian exercises on Aug. 26 when his ship was operating more than 20 nautical miles inside the U.S. economic zone. After a Russian plane directed Captain Thomas to take his boat out of the area, he said, he responded that he was within the U.S. zone, not on the Russian side, and that the Russians could not order them to leave.At that point, he said, a Russian military ship joined in and issued similar orders.“At this point, I’m going, ‘What’s going on here? Are we getting invaded?’” Captain Thomas said in an interview.Captain Thomas said he contacted the Coast Guard, but the officers there, he said, seemed to be unaware of the Russian operations. They told him he was responsible for the safety of his crew. But he was reluctant to leave: They were finding some of the best fishing of the season, and the Russians had ordered him not to return to those productive grounds for nine days. The Russians, who were running a military exercise known as Ocean Shield that involved some 50 warships and 40 aircraft operating throughout the Bering Sea, were adamant, and their warnings grew more intense. U.S. officials have since said that a Russian submarine launched a cruise missile from the Bering Sea that day.last_img read more

As Occupancy Dwindles, College Dorms Go Beyond Students

first_img– Advertisement – The United States has the world’s largest student housing market, representing $11 billion in real estate investments, according to the National Apartment Association. And as the pandemic drags on and more universities feel the cash crunch, the endowment gap between legacy campuses like Harvard and Yale and smaller colleges is only going to grow.“I think we’re really going to see a tale of two cities but also a tale of two universities,” said Laura Dietzel, partner and real estate senior analyst with RSM, an accounting firm.- Advertisement – The Cadence offered a rent-by-the-bedroom model before it was acquired by Pebb Capital in September for $33 million in a partnership with Coastal Ridge Real Estate. Pebb is planning a $12 million renovation to convert the property into studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments, bringing in amenities and design touches to attract young professionals, who are moving to Tucson in droves, many from nearby states like California, where real estate prices are significantly higher.The building is a five-minute drive from the University of Arizona, Tucson, which makes it ideal for students wanting to live off campus. Once renovations are complete, rents will no longer be offered by the bedroom, said Mr. Jago, and he expects the renter pool will shift significantly.“We’re going to become the prime downtown multifamily property for young professionals,” he said, “and maybe upper-class or graduate students, the kind who want to get away from the riffraff and the undergrads throwing up outside the bar.”- Advertisement –center_img The student housing market is facing the same challenges as corporate office towers, both of which have been pummeled by the pandemic, said Patrick J. Sentner, an executive vice president for CBRE, a commercial real estate services firm.“Each day that Covid drags on, the doubt and the debate about what is going to happen, office-wise with going back to work, is still going to be delayed until we get a vaccine,” he said. “And that’s exactly what is happening with student housing.”last_img read more

Talking about a flu pandemic worst-case scenario

first_img(CIDRAP Source Weekly Briefing)The pandemic worst case is:(a) Truly horrific(b) Truly unlikely(c) Truly worth planning for(d) All of the aboveThe right answer: (d) All of the above.Unfortunately, many people have trouble thinking simultaneously that a risk is horrific and that it’s unlikely. There’s nothing intellectually incompatible about these two risk characteristics; most horrific risks are unlikely. The problem is that the two characteristics are emotionally incompatible. The lesson of horrific is “take precautions.” The lesson of unlikely is “don’t worry about it.” So we tend to pick one. Either we focus on how horrific a severe pandemic could be and imagine that it’s a pretty likely scenario, or we focus on how unlikely a severe pandemic is and imagine that it wouldn’t really be so bad.Unfortunately, many senior corporate executives also have trouble thinking simultaneously that a risk is unlikely and that it’s worth planning for. Or at least many business continuity managers believe their senior executives are going to have trouble keeping these two in mind at the same time. Whenever I advise my clients to acknowledge the low probability of a severe pandemic, they worry that doing so might undermine top management’s willingness to allocate time, effort, and money to pandemic preparedness.Paradoxically, my clients are often equally reluctant to trumpet the severity of the pandemic worst-case scenario, for fear of frightening people too much, or seeming too fearful themselves. The result is a lot of pandemic risk communication that understates severity and overstates probability—that makes a pandemic sound almost inevitable but pretty tame.This is exactly the wrong way to talk about worst-case scenarios. For the sake of credibility (and honesty), we need to tell people that the pandemic worst case is unlikely. And for the sake of impact (and honesty), we need to tell people that the pandemic worst case is horrific.How unlikely? We don’t know. In the 1918 pandemic, guesstimates are that 30%+ of the world population got the flu and 2.5%+ of those who got the flu died. That was the worst flu pandemic in recorded history. So if you judge by history, a flu pandemic as bad as 1918 is very unlikely, and a flu pandemic worse than 1918, as far as we know, has never happened. On the other hand, the H5N1 virus has already launched the worst bird flu outbreak in the recorded history of the poultry industry. And as political scientist Scott Sagan has said, things that have never happened before happen all the time.How horrific? We don’t know that either. So far, H5N1 has killed over 60% of the known human cases—24 times the estimated case-fatality rate in 1918! Try to imagine a pandemic that infects 30% of your neighbors and kills 60% of those it infects. That means 18% of the population would die from the flu. Nobody can predict how many more would die from the collapse of society—from riots, perhaps, from other diseases (with hospitals unable to function and medicines unattainable), or from shortages of food, energy, or potable water.Here are some tips for warning people about this low-probability, high-magnitude pandemic worst case:Don’t claim or imply that the worst case is likely. This is the risk-communication mistake that President George W. Bush made in the run-up to his invasion of Iraq. He told the public he was virtually certain that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Bush should have said that he couldn’t confirm this, but he considered even a low-probability “Saddam with nukes” scenario an unacceptable risk. I believe many environmentalists are making exactly the same mistake right now in giving the impression that global warming worst-case scenarios are almost a sure bet.Don’t understate how awful the worst case could be. Use dramatic imagery. Tell stories, even though they’ll have to be hypothetical ones. Paint a picture that makes the worst-case scenario real. For two stunning examples, see “The Flu Pandemic: Were We Ready?” Nature reporter Declan Butler’s fictional blog of freelance writer Sally O’Reilly, caught in a pandemic in Washington, DC, and “H5N1: My Town—a Projected Epidemic,” a novella by Susan Smith, aka CanadaSue.Don’t rely too much on numbers to convey your worst case. For senior management it might be about the numbers, but certainly not for employees or most other stakeholders. Most people are sufficiently innumerate that their response to a number depends almost entirely on how it’s framed. A pandemic that “could kill as many as 2 to 7 million people worldwide” sounds really serious; one that “probably would kill only 2 to 7 million people worldwide” sounds much milder. Get the numbers right—2 to 7 million is a mild pandemic, not a worst case—but don’t expect the numbers to tell your story.Put your worst-case scenario in context. The mistake of overstating the worst case is less common than understating it, but it’s still a mistake. There is no such thing as a literal worst-case scenario. However horrific your scenario, I can always make it worse: “Not only that, but at the same moment the Martians invade!” Anything too far out will sound like a reductio ad absurdum and cost you credibility. For more context, remind people to consider mild scenarios, too. Higher-probability, lower-magnitude pandemics also deserve preparations. And you might want to point out that in a pandemic with a 2.5% case-fatality rate, the vast majority (97.5%) of people who get the flu will recover.Remind business audiences that there’s nothing new about hedging. A few months ago I was talking with the business continuity manager of a financial services company. She told me her management was skeptical about the need to prepare for anything as unlikely as a severe pandemic. I reminded her that spending money to make unlikely cataclysms less likely or less cataclysmic is standard business procedure. It’s the essence of all hedging strategies. It’s why investors diversify. It’s why farmers and mining companies support the futures markets. It’s why we all buy insurance, and why insurance companies buy reinsurance.An internationally renowned expert in risk communication and crisis communication, Peter Sandman speaks and consults widely on communication aspects of pandemic preparedness. Dr. Sandman, Deputy Editor, contributes an original column to CIDRAP Source Weekly Briefing every other week. Most of his risk communication writing is available without charge at the Peter Sandman Risk Communication Web Site, which includes an index of pandemic-related writing on the site.last_img read more

For the first time in history, 100 million overnight stays were realized in Croatia

first_imgCroatian tourism achieved historic tourist results this weekend.The long-announced and long-awaited record of 100 million overnight stays was recorded for the first time in Croatian history in the eVisitor system, which contains tourist traffic generated in commercial and non-commercial facilities and nautical charter (eCrew system). “We are extremely proud that we have achieved such a large and historical figure and thus once again confirmed that Croatia is truly a hit tourist destination. This is the result of the work and cooperation of all stakeholders in tourism, and therefore I congratulate you all on this historic result for Croatian tourism.Said Minister Cappelli.Thus, in the period from 1 January to 29 October, according to the first data, there were 17.8 million arrivals and 100.1 million overnight stays in Croatia. This is an increase of 13 percent in arrivals and 12 percent in overnight stays. The highest number of overnight stays was recorded in Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic, and looking at destinations, the highest number of overnight stays was recorded in Dubrovnik, Rovinj, Poreč, Medulin and Umag. Analyzing the turnover by type of accommodation, in the mentioned period most overnight stays were realized in household facilities (about 35 million), hotels (about 24 million) and camps (about 19 million).Source: CNTBAs we can see from the graph above, the biggest problem of our tourism is still chronic seasonality. In two months, July and August, we realize 50,7% of total annual arrivals and 62% of total annual overnight stays, while on the other hand we have a big problem that the increase in arrivals is not accompanied by an increase in tourist spending. Thus, in the regional context, we have the lowest average consumption per foreign overnight stay, and it has been declining since 2011. The purpose of tourism is to increase non-board consumption and to focus it on the local economy and as many local entrepreneurs as possible, and not to increase the income of foreign companies, while on the other hand the local population / economy participates less and less in the total tourist product.Most of the tourist traffic still takes place in July and August, and this year we have crossed the upper limit of endurance like never before, and many tourist destinations have literally burst at the seams. One of the problems is that the destinations have not developed strategically, so the expansion of accommodation has not been accompanied by investment and expansion of city and tourist infrastructure. But the motive of the trip is to get to know and experience new ways and cultures of living, and it is our diversity and authenticity that are our strongest assets. Accordingly, the solution to seasonality is to offer diverse, quality and primarily authentic content. It is this content that must be the motive for coming, content that is beautifully packaged, targeted and that tells an authentic story.Source: Horwath HTLOf course, as the motive for coming is built over the years, ie it takes at least three years to complete the story and achieve a snow ball effect out of season, it is especially a big challenge because Croatia is not perceived as a year-round destination. And the image and the story are built over the years, and in this process everyone has to “waste” some time, again until we reach a satisfactory critical mass of tourists, and thus consumption, ie earnings to complete the whole process.On the other hand, it is not clear to me why for years when tourists are here, in our “salon”, we do not sell them a story, ie the motive for coming in the 10th or 3rd month? So when we talk about sales, the imperative is to bring a customer to your salon, that’s already 80 percent of sales. The customer is in your controlled conditions, color psychology, decoration, music, you have direct communication without noise in communication… If we look through the prism of tourism, our customers are there, they came to our salon. Let’s tell them a good enough story to come to Croatia in the pre-season and post-season, of course the sea and the sun are not the motives for coming, but the content, not the form.There are certainly many challenges and tourism is extremely complex, precisely because it is not one industry, but connects various other industries horizontally and vertically, and without sustainable and strategic development can not develop quality and long-term. We have everything, potentials, authentic stories, knowledge, awareness, money… it’s just a question of whether we want to develop strategically or not.If so, then we must begin to respect and apply professional business processes and business in line with the 21st century. It’s all up to us, and then we must not forget that the competition is not asleep, in fact, it is hungry and fighting for the same market as us.last_img read more

The Croatian Rural Tourism Association demands the definition of rural tourism and the abolition of restrictions

first_imgToday, the Croatian Rural Tourism Association asked the parliamentary committees for agriculture and tourism for support in defining rural tourism in the Republic of Croatia in the final text of the draft Law on the provision of services in tourism and the abolition of all restrictions on rural tourism.They also requested the prescribing of the highest possible degree of availability of data from the Register of Family Farms in the Law on Family Farms and the abolition of the provision on mandatory re-registration of family farms in accordance with the Ordinance on Additional Activities of the Ministry of Agriculture.At the joint thematic session of both committees dedicated to “Potentials and Limitations of Rural Tourism of the Republic of Croatia”, the Association presented a number of positive examples and problems encountered by rural tourism service providers, most of which start due to imposing foreign, inappropriate solutions and drafting legislation. without consulting service providers. “Defining rural tourism and removing restrictions is only the first step in solving many problems that make it difficult for us to do business and marketing of domestic agricultural products, with which both Ministries are very well acquainted, but so far insufficiently active in solving them. It is an incredible fact that today, after more than 25 years since the beginning of the development of this form of tourism, we do not have a legal definition of this activity and the prescribed conditions and criteria for performing it. I emphasize that this is an activity that connects agriculture and tourism, two economic sectors of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia. Rural tourism has exceptional potential for reducing depopulation and the general development of the Croatian countryside. Rural tourism facilities, of which we estimate to be over 700, have a turnover of almost one billion kuna, directly and indirectly employ over 10 people and realize over 000 overnight stays. Looking at the total tourist traffic of the Republic of Croatia, this is a relatively small percentage, but it is very valuable given that these facilities operate in rural areas, in difficult conditions for business development. Unfortunately, so far, as a national association that brings together rural tourism providers, we have not been involved in drafting the law on the provision of services in tourism or in drafting the law on family farms. At today’s session of the committee, we met with the understanding of the representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Agriculture, and we believe that together we will succeed in finalizing the draft laws to enable further development of rural tourism.. “Emphasized Janko Kezele, vice president of the Association.The association submitted to the committees a complete list of priority proposals for each relevant ministry, as well as a text proposal for defining rural tourism in the Final Proposal of the Law on Tourism, in order to start working on solving the accumulated problems as soon as possible. “We pay twice as much VAT compared to the same period last year because we were not able to significantly increase prices. Due to high VAT and other levies, our own products are absolutely uncompetitive on the market, and the existing legal framework does not stimulate us but limits us. Therefore, we asked the committee to order the Ministry of Finance to prepare an analysis of the effects of the comprehensive tax reform on rural tourism in the Republic of Croatia. I hope that this time there will be the political will to start solving many accumulated problems, because rural tourism is unfortunately on its knees, instead of being the real engine of development of the Croatian countryside. ”Said Neven Ferlin, a member of the Association.

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“Golden Pen” this year will be held in Zadar

first_imgFind out which reports were awarded last year in the attachment. GOLDEN PEN / “SLAVONIA – THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CROATIAN SECRET” PROCESSED FOR THE BEST FOREIGN REPORTING IN THE PRINT MEDIA The Golden Pen project enables continuous cooperation and informing foreign media about Croatian tourism and spreading positive news about opportunities in Croatian tourism, maintaining a positive image of Croatia as a desirable tourist destination and Croatian tourism in the world in general. This year’s award of the 15th “Golden Pen” with the co-organizers and hosts of the Zadar County Tourist Board and the Zadar Tourist Board, will be held in Zadar on April 06, 2019. at the Ladera Hotel (Punta Skala, Petrčane – Zadar) Grand Prix will be assigned to three categories: for the best reportage of the print media (magazine, newspaper), for the best reportage of the electronic media (TV, radio, online) and for the best blog post (blog, social networks). This year’s edition of the “Golden Pen” will bring together 24 representatives of foreign media from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, the USA, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Slovenia.  Svi nominirani dolaze u Hrvatsku na studijsko putovanje, pa če tako novinari, blogeri i influenseri boravit u Zadru i Zadarskoj županiji od 4. do 7. travnja te će obići Starigrad Paklenicu, Velebit, manifestaciju Tuna, Sushi & Wine festival, otok Ugljan i Kali, Zadar, Nin, kao i brojne druge turistički atraktivne lokalitete. Proposal to include a category for domestic reports as well  The Croatian National Tourist Board has traditionally organized an awards ceremony for top world-renowned journalists for the best media coverage of Croatia as a tourist destination.  An excellent project, but perhaps a category for domestic journalists and reports should be added, in order to support the domestic media scene, which is certainly also an important part of the whole story and promotion of our tourism, both domestic and foreign markets.  Inače, cijeli projekt Zlatna Penkala nosi važnu poruku. Na samom početku 20. stoljeća, zahvaljujući izumitelju ing. Slavoljubu Penkali nalivpero i kemijska olovka – revolucionarni izumi i svojevrsni simboli novinarske profesije, upravo su iz Hrvatske i Zagreba krenuli u svijet i naprečac ga osvojili. Istim putem sada ide i nagrada inozemnim turističkim novinarima za pisanje o Hrvatskoj, ZLATNA PENKALA.last_img read more

Holiday houses with a story – an excellent project for branding rural accommodation in Varaždin County

first_imgAlso, a brochure “Holiday house with a story” was made, which has already been presented in London, and the official presentation will be in Zagreb in January.  Also, it is important to emphasize that all the pictures “Holiday house with a story” were made by a professional photographer, ie how it is a quality professional photography, which is imperative today and which should have long been the standard in tourism. Each house has its own story told through the architecture, objects, experience and atmosphere of each “Holiday house with a story”, and the main focus is on hospitality, ie the host and direct contact with the guest. Thus, at the beginning of December, the official trilingual website (hrv, eng, njem) was launched under the name My Varazdin Holiday, where the most important information about each house can be found.  In any case, this is an excellent rounded project, which only now needs to be promoted and branded with quality. The Varaždin County Tourist Board has so far made the biggest step forward in branding accommodation in continental tourism, which is a positive example of the direction in which it should be developed and how to directly raise the quality of accommodation. This should be the basis of any destination, if you are serious about tourism. So far, a total of people have joined the project 34 holders of the best accommodation standard in the County, and the vision of the project is to create a brand that will be directly related to Varaždin County. Find out more about “Holiday Homes with a Story” HERE “Holiday houses with a story” is an excellent new project of the Tourist Board of Varaždin County. RELATED NEWS: The aim of the project is to develop the tourist offer in the rural area and increase the number of accommodation facilities with diversification based on cultural and historical tradition while raising quality.center_img HOW TO PROMOTE RURAL TOURISM? HERE’S HOW THEY DO IT IN SWITZERLAND Photo: Varaždin County Tourist Board Don’t sell me accommodation, sell me a story – an authentic story The Tourist Board of Varaždin County has provided free “Holiday homes with a story” for all holders of the standard.Varaždin brush“Which currently contains Varaždin pumpkin oil, gingerbread, honey, buckwheat flour mills, lavender and eco-cosmetics, and tourist brochures with all relevant information. SMALL SCHOOL ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF RURAL AREAS AND CONNECTION WITH TOURISM “For the first time, Varaždin County has successfully implemented a public call for grants in tourism, in the amount of one million kuna, to improve accommodation capacity, with the aim of raising the quality of accommodation to a higher level. Thus, we want to avoid excessive apartmentization, that is, a lot of apartments and other facilities with poor quality accommodation and without content. We want to give both story and quality” said Martina Martinčević, director of the Varaždin County Tourist Board, and emphasized that this is the first step in connecting agricultural producers of Varaždin County and their inclusion in the tourist offer. Varaždinska kištrica EXAMPLE OF A TRUE HOST AND STORY TALKING IN FAMILY ACCOMMODATIONlast_img read more