Month: December 2020

Another coal-free generation record for the U.K.

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:The U.K. has gone more than five days without burning coal, the longest streak the country has managed without burning the fuel since the Industrial Revolution.Great Britain was an early adopter of renewable energy and has more offshore wind turbines installed than any other country. It also has fields of solar panels that are meeting more and more demand as old traditional power plants close permanently.The nation will quit burning coal for power entirely by 2025 and the policy ambition has seen the country’s emissions tumble to pre-industrial levels. Coal’s portion of the power generation mix has dropped from 40 percent just six years ago to 5 percent last year.No coal has been used for power generation by stations in the U.K. since about 1 p.m. in London on May 1, according to grid data on Bloomberg. The previous record from earlier this year was 90 hours. Other sources have stepped in and on Saturday, wind generated as much as 27 percent of the country’s power followed by gas at 25 percent and nuclear at 24 percent.“As more and more renewables come onto our energy system, coal-free runs like this are going to increasingly seem like the new normal,” National Grid said. “We believe that by 2025 we will be able to fully operate Great Britain’s electricity system with zero carbon.”More: U.K. sets record for life without coal Another coal-free generation record for the U.K.last_img read more

BNP Paribas: Oil losing the economic battle with renewables, EVs

first_imgBNP Paribas: Oil losing the economic battle with renewables, EVs FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:Wind and solar power can produce seven times more useful energy for cars, dollar for dollar, than gasoline with oil prices near current levels, according to BNP Paribas SA.Oil will have to fall to $9-$10 a barrel in the long-term in order for gasoline cars to remain competitive with clean-powered electric vehicles, and to $17-$19 a barrel for diesel, Mark Lewis, global head of sustainability research at BNP’s asset management unit, said in a research report. U.S. benchmark crude was trading at about $55 in New York on Monday.“Our analysis leads to a very stark conclusion for the oil industry: for the same capital outlay today, wind and solar energy will already produce much more useful energy for EVs than will oil purchased on the spot market,” Lewis said. “These are stunning numbers, and they suggest that the economics of renewables in tandem with EVs are set to become irresistible over the next decade.”Lewis coined the term “energy return on capital invested” to explain the economics of road transport. It’s a measure of the money spent on oil and renewables and the differential in their net energy produced when used to provide mobility, he said.Still, changes will take time. “The oil industry today enjoys a massive scale advantage over wind and solar of several orders of magnitude – oil supplied 33% of global energy in 2018 compared with only 3% from wind and solar,” Lewis said.More: Oil needs to fall below $20 to compete with green alternativeslast_img read more

Orsted completes construction on 752MW Borssele offshore wind farm, largest in the Netherlands

first_imgOrsted completes construction on 752MW Borssele offshore wind farm, largest in the Netherlands FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Reuters:Danish energy firm Orsted said on Friday it had finished building the largest offshore wind farm of the Netherlands, the first in a range that should boost the country’s share of sustainable energy in the coming decade.The 752 megawatt (MW) wind farm is currently the second largest in the world, Orsted said, and will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of around a million Dutch households.The ‘Borssele’ wind farm consists of 94 turbines spread over 112 square kilometres (43.2 square miles) in the North Sea, some 23 kilometres (14 miles) off the Dutch coast.Orsted won the right to build the wind farm in an auction in 2016, at what was a record low subsidy on the electricity delivered at the time. Since then, the Dutch government has granted the right to build wind farms with a total capacity of 2800 MW at four other sites in the North Sea, offering no subsidy on electricity prices at the last three auctions.It aims to grant permits for another 6100 MW of wind power through four tenders in the next five years.The Dutch aim to get 40% of all their electricity from wind farms by 2030, with solar panels delivering another 30% of all power needed by then.[Bart Meijer]More: Orsted says largest Dutch offshore wind farm ready to deliverlast_img read more

Fridays on the Fly: Less Is More When Fishing Tenkara

first_imgHere we are back in the thick of the fantastic Spring weather we all enjoy so much.  We are eager to get out in these Appalachian hills on early afternoons and make a break for the trail head at dawn come Saturday morning.  What kind of adventure are you up for and what should you carry in that day pack?  If I am heading up a blue line for some wild trout we can come to a decision quickly. How about a couple of Boone Barrs to snack on, plenty of water and my tenkara kit.  That is all there is to it.Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 5.33.31 AMLiving near Grandfather Mountain outside of Boone, NC, I find myself out on the trail sniffing for wild trout often.  It doesn’t take much to find an access point and slip down into the shin deep waters that are flowing off of the tallest peak on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Some of the cascades and short falls create the perfect pools to angle for the rainbows, browns and brookies that hang tight to the side of these mountains.  All I need to spend an afternoon with them is my tenkara rod, a line and a few flies.  This setup is ultra-lightweight and packs down to nothing.  This carbon fiber telescopic rods collapses down to twenty one inches and weighs a mere two and a half ounces.  A small tin of flies and some 5X tippet counts up another ounce.  A second spool of longer line and hemostats round this up to about five or six ounces. Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 5.33.49 AMYou can’t do much better for an afternoon of fishing in such a small package.  The light pack weight and small size make it easy to manage on the trail.  The long rod and equal length line offers a casting range up to twenty two feet or so.  That is plenty of distance to make the precision casts needed to drop your fly of a fishes nose.  The long reach rod lets you keep your distance so as to not spook the fish, which is always a plus when chasing high country wild ones.  That extra length also is a key part of the tenkara style, which keeps line off the water.  This eliminates water disturbance and prevents mending issues.  Remember also, there is little need to carry a heavy fly box with four hundred choices in it.  Grab a small tin and put one dozen standards in it and another dozen non-descript buggy flies.  You’ll find that these fish eat them all just the same. Here is another thing to think about, two of these tenkara fly fishing kits weight less than a twelve ounce bottle of water.  So you can carry two rods, two lines and share a tins of flies with a friend with no impact what-so-ever to your afternoon pack weight.   What a great way to spread your day on the trail with the people you enjoy.  Remember, it is impossible to catch and fish and not smile.  So share a smile with someone this weekend.— By Jason Sparks of Appalachian Tenkara Anglerslast_img read more

On Being an Entitled Asshole

first_imgIt was a Tuesday when I realized I was a spoiled asshole. Maybe a Wednesday. The exact day isn’t important, except that it was a weekday, mid-afternoon. The time of day that most adults are filing their TPS reports or finishing custom cabinets or selling skinny jeans in the mall…working is what most adults are doing on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon and I was riding my bike. I was riding my bike on an incredibly beautiful and challenging mountain on the edge of downtown that’s maybe five minutes from my house. It’s sleepy roads twist through trees and small waterfalls and the occasional ultra-modern mansion hanging over the edge of the mountain. There are great views of downtown from this mountain. Anyway, I was riding my road bike, climbing a solid 1,000 feet in under two miles to the top of the mountain, and just as I reached the crest, it started to rain. And I started to curse. I hate riding my road bike in the rain. The tires are so skinny, the pavement so slick. In my head, I started a constant monologue about how my ride was ruined because I was on the wrong bike. Why didn’t I ride the cross bike? Or the cross country mountain bike? I ended up on a gravel road connector that had some washboard sections and I double-downed on my indignation—“I brought the wrong damn bike! My ride is ruined.”I started making a bee-line for home, because I was done with it. I didn’t want to waste anymore time on this ruined ride. Stupid rain. Stupid road bike. I was half way down the mountain, squeezing the hell out of my brakes to keep my speed in check, when I realized I was being an entitled prick. Here I was riding my bike on a god damn Tuesday (or Wednesday) afternoon, when the rest of the country is knocking away at our GDP; riding my bike on a beautiful mountain when every single kid I grew up with was sitting in an office or job site, and I was bitching because the conditions weren’t perfect. Because my bike’s tires didn’t have the requisite traction. I have a predilection for entitled prickishness. It’s a character flaw. You should see me lose my shit when the automatic doors on my minivan won’t work for some reason, and I actually have to use a handle. Like an animal. Same with beer. If I have buyer’s remorse, wishing I ordered the IPA instead of the Pale, or if I feel like a beer is subpar for any reason…I get livid. What’s the point if the beer you’re drinking isn’t the best? If it’s not a peak beer experience, why even bother? It’s something I’m working on, and the rainy, week day bike ride was an eye opening moment. Once I stepped back and took a look at my situation with some perspective (I’m 40, riding a really nice bike, on a really nice mountain, on a Tuesday. Or Wednesday), I was able to enjoy the ride again. I took a left and headed back up the mountain, in the rain, on the wrong bike, with a smile on my face.last_img read more

Freestyle’s Ski Favorites

first_imgWhy we love the Joy Series:The Joy series is light done right—it’s so light that you will have more energy to enjoy your day. Thanks to the GRAPHENE™, the ski is lighter and also more durable, providing you with more natural balance and control on the slopes. Never before has a material made skiing so much fun. GRAPHENE™ simply makes the skis do the work, so your feeling of joy lasts longer. Viva joy! Here at Freestyle, we know that a good pair of skis can make your season. Some of our personal favorites are the HEAD Joy series, and Instinct series, and we want to offer anyone who buys a pair between now and January 14th the opportunity to win one of two amazing prize packages:1. Complete Clothing Outfit by Obermeyer2. Any GIRO Helmet and Goggle Combination Why we love the Intinct Ski Collection:From beginner to intermediate, skiers of all levels can trust the INSTINCT ski collection to help them surpass their own limits with the perfect combination of technology and innovation. The skies are more reactive, always balanced and in complete control of whatever the mountain throws at you thanks to the revolutionary GRAPHENE™ technology, the lightest and thinnest, yet strongest element discovered by mankind. The material’s unique properties allow the reduction of common material like wood and glass fibres, and, consequently, allow the addition of extra titanal layers, which creates a ski with unique reactiveness and responsiveness.. And if it is the control you worry about, worry no more. Thanks to GRAPHENE™, the ski’s camber has a lower profile, which makes for easy turn completion. In combination with the HEAD ERA 3.0 technology, the evolutionary rocker architecture for superior steering, increased floatation, and tremendous turning, these skis will chew up and spit out any terrain that comes your way.Don’t forget to stop by Freestyle before January 14th to purchase your pair of skis and be entered to win one of our two prize packages! last_img read more

Warning: The Most Widely Used Herbicide in Argentina Causes Birth Defects

first_imgBy Dialogo April 14, 2009 Buenos Aires, April 13 (EFE) – The herbicide used in transgenic soybeans, Argentina’s main crop, can cause neuronal, intestinal, and heart malformations, according to scientific research released today. While the study “used amphibian embryos,” the results “are fully comparable to what would happen with the development of the human embryo,” professor of embryology Andres Carrasco, one of the authors of the paper, told Efe. “What is remarkable is that there are no studies on embryos at the global level, and much less in injecting glyphosate into embryos,” said the researcher of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) and director of the Laboratory of Molecular Embryology. The doses of herbicide used in the study “were far below levels used in spraying,” so the situation “is much more serious” because “glyphosate does not decompose,” he warned. Each year Argentina uses between 180 and 200 million liters of glyphosate, which was developed by the multinational company Monsanto, and which, since its arrival in the country in 1997, has been used on 18 million hectares of land. Carrasco said that the investigation found that “pure glyphosate at doses lower than those used in fumigation generates malformations” and “could interfere with various normal mechanisms of embryonic development that control how the cells divide and die.” “The companies say that drinking a glass of glyphosate is healthier than drinking a glass of milk, but the reality is that we have used as guinea pigs,” he added. He cited as an example: Ituzaingó, a neighborhood of 5,000 people on the outskirts of Cordoba (center), where in the last eight years there were approximately 300 cases of cancer associated with the spraying of pesticides. “In towns like Ituzaingó it’s too late, but you need a preventive system, to require companies to adhere to all security measures, and above all to have very strict standards for fumigation, which no one abides by, due to either ignorance or greed,” he said. The researcher also said that, beyond the work in which he participated, “a serious study must be conducted” on the effects of glyphosate on humans, and remarked that “for this matter, the State has all the resources.” Due to the barrage of legal claims related to the disproportionate use of agrochemicals in the cultivation of GM soybeans, in February the Ministry of Health established a group to investigate the problem in four Argentine provinces. Argentina is the third largest exporter of soybeans and also occupies a high rank in the global trade in derivatives (oils and meals) of that grain.last_img read more

McCain Promises Help in Colombia

first_img Speaking at the end of a meeting with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in Cartagena on 8 January, U.S. Senator John McCain promised help in obtaining approval of a free-trade agreement (FTA) with Bogotá and providing aid to those affected by the rains in Colombia. McCain, a former Republican presidential candidate who flew over the region affected by the bad weather, visited Colombia together with another U.S. legislator, John Barrasso. Both senators promised Santos that they would support U.S. Congressional approval of the FTA with Colombia, a new expansion of Andean tariff preferences, and efforts to collect aid for the more than two million people affected by the rains in the South American country. Santos expressed gratitude for the offer, highlighted the “strategic alliance” between Bogotá and Washington, and recalled that McCain was in Cartagena the day before the Colombian Army rescued fifteen hostages from the FARC guerrilla group on 2 July 2008, including French-Colombian Ingrid Betancourt and three American contractors for the State Department. “The night before the rescue of Operation Check-Mate, with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, we decided to tell Senator McCain what we had planned for the next day, and we asked him not to say a word and to pray for the success” of the military action, the president revealed. Santos, who was Uribe’s defense minister between 2006 and 2009, was in charge of the liberation of the hostages. “Senator McCain has visited us for the fourth time (…) he’s someone very friendly to Colombia; he’s defended our causes because he’s understood that we have common objectives,” the president said. Santos indicated that he also spoke with McCain and Barrasso about Plan Colombia, a Washington-financed plan to combat drugs and violent groups, and about the situation of those affected by the rains, among other matters. “We’re in very good hands, and we thank the two legislators for the help they’ve given us,” the Colombian president emphasized, after McCain and Barrasso declared that they are “committed” to Congressional approval of the FTA with Bogotá, now that the Republicans dominate the House of Representatives. By Dialogo January 12, 2011last_img read more

Honduras Will Recover Six Vessels That Were in the Scrapyard

first_img The Honduran Navy has announced that during 2011 it aims to recover some six vessels that were “in the cemetery,” the latest of them, the speedboat Honduras, moored at the Puerto Cortés base. This was confirmed by Juan Pablo Rodríguez, commandant of the Navy, who specified that four of these ships are in the Caribbean, and another two in the Gulf of Fonseca. It is estimated that around 3.4 million dollars will be devoted to each of them. The commandant explained that it is less expensive to repair them than to purchase new equipment. “These ships that we’re going to recover are practically in the cemetery; they’re already past their useful life, but we’re going to rescue them from the ashes,” the commandant noted. The officer said that the Navy’s operational level has been on the rise since last year, as it succeeded in recovering four coast guard patrol boats in 2010, with an investment of ten million lempiras each. For Rodríguez, recovering the equipment makes it possible to improve the wellbeing of the personnel, since they have greater opportunities when training, and that creates motivation, that is, “morale is raised” by learning. The defense minister, Marlon Pascua, said that a financial effort to recover this equipment has been made at the level of the Secretariat, and this year the approach will be the same, since the aim is to strengthen the equipment already in the possession of the Armed Forces. Pascua specified that funds were also dedicated last year to the modernization of a number of installations. By Dialogo January 17, 2011last_img read more

The New Administration in Peru Is Reorienting the Country’s Security Strategy

first_img Speaking to the Peruvian press, Peruvian Interior Minister Óscar Valdés Dancuart affirmed that the defense and interior ministries will move to closely coordinate the fight against drug trafficking in the Valley of the Apurímac and Ene Rivers, and El Huallaga. The Peruvian judicial branch will also be included, with the aim of speeding up the procedures for declaring loss of ownership of assets seized from drug traffickers, so that the state can quickly have them available and direct their proceeds, whether from sale or from direct exploitation, to the fight against the trafficking of illicit drugs. According to Minister Valdés, the president has very clear ideas with regard to drug trafficking and terrorism and indicated to his military commanders that he may in the future give them a deadline for putting an end to the terrorist remnants, and as a consequence, their association with gangs of drug traffickers. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the area planted with coca increased in Peru for the fifth consecutive year in 2010 and reached 61,200 hectares, an increase of two percent with respect to 2009, indicating a stable general situation. By Dialogo August 09, 2011last_img read more