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The Carbon Trust Chooses Windar LiDARs for New Project

first_imgThe Carbon Trust has selected Windar Photonics to supply LiDARs for a new project launched as part of the Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) programme.Windar will supply eight WindEYE sensors to be installed on offshore turbines as part of The Carbon Trust’s EUR 2.3 million wind farm control trials (WFCT), designed to demonstrate how effective implementation of control strategies can reduce the cost of offshore wind.The project, supported by EnBW, E.ON, innogy, Statoil and Vattenfall, will investigate the impact of focusing on strategies that aim to improve energy generation across an entire wind farm, rather than individual turbines and help to lower the levelised cost of energy (LCoE).“I am delighted that Windar has been selected to supply WindEYE™ sensors to such a significant project backed by major industry players. We are confident the project will focus industry attention on the multiple benefits of our WindEYE™ systems, from increasing wind energy yield, reducing turbine fatigue, lowering operational and maintenance costs and ultimately reducing the levelised cost of energy for energy producers,” Jørgen Korsgaard Jensen, Chief Executive Officer at Windar, said.The WFCT intends to demonstrate a lower LCoE by increasing the total wind energy yield and reducing fatigue, therefore saving O&M costs, while also increasing the availability and lifetime of existing and future assets, as well as by implementing wind farm control strategies, including turbine nacelle mounted LiDARs, Windar said.James Sinfield, Manager at The Carbon Trust, said: “The project has the potential to have a significant impact on cost reduction with a win-win on improving annual energy production and at the same time reducing operational and maintenance costs.”The programme is expected to be undertaken in 2018 with full results expected during 2019.OWA, The Carbon Trust’s collaborative R&D programme with nine offshore wind developers, was set up in 2008. Over the past nine years, the programme has delivered nearly 150 projects, ranging from feasibility studies to multi-million pound, full-scale technology demonstrations. The projects undertaken by the OWA programme are selected to impact the LCoE by improving performance in offshore wind farm design, construction and operation.last_img read more


first_imgIndependent Cllr Frank McBrearty Jnr has called for the gardai to be reformed.Cllr Frank McBreartyIn a wide-ranging attack, the Raphoe politician has attacked many aspects of the current policing system – including the stance taken by Sinn Fein in Donegal.This is his statement. “I have listened to Deputy Padraig Maclochlain since he became Justice spokesperson for SF about the many issues that are affecting our Country and in particular policing. “I can no longer sit back and be silent when I hear Deputy Maclochlain talk about GSOC and Morale in the Garda Force and his calls for the public to support An Garda Siochana. “Deputy Maclochlain in my opinion is talking from both sides of his mouth when he says that recent high profile controversies have had a serious effect on the Morale of the frontline Gardai and although I accept this is proberly true, I don’t hear him talking about the morale of the innocent victims of Garda corruption or I don’t hear him mention the high profile controversies since the 1970s right up until the present day and I wonder why?” he said.“I wish to point out that the vast majority of law abiding citizens do support the gardai and Law and order. The real problem that exists in our Police force have not been dealt with since the conclusion of the Morris Tribunal or has its recommendations been implemented. “I hear Deputy Maclochlain express concern about cases recently in the county where Gardai were assaulted which I also agree is wrong. What I don’t hear is the many case’s in the past and the present where rouge elements of the Gardai have committed crimes against our law abiding citizens. “Deputy Maclochlain in my opinion is being populist and someone in his position should be demanding that the reform needed with An Garda Siochan be implemented and that Senior Garda Management right up to the Commissioner be made accountable to the people of this country which has not happened to date. “There are many unresolved issues in this county from serious crime such as unsolved murders and in particular the many issues that have not been exposed from the many scandals that have happened in the county which led to the biggest public inquiry into Garda Misconduct in the history of this state.“GSOC are now going through what many of the victims of Garda corruption in Ireland have gone through. The circling of the wagons to save face for the Senior Garda Management are in motion. The bugging allegations are nothing new concerning the Gardai. You only have to look at our case to know this, as it was well known in garda circles that our phones and the phones of our Lawyers were bugged.“I would like to see Deputy Maclochlain call on the Justice Minister Alan Shatter to establish a full independent Judicial Public inquiry into the Sophie Toscan De Plantier murder, The allegations being made by former Garda John Wilson and Sgt Maurice McCabe (who have visited me at my home in Donegal), the Murder of Eddie Fullerton and the issue’s that have not been fully investigated in Donegal which were raised in camera at the Morris Tribunal. “If this happens, then we must ensure that the terms of reference are set to enable the inquiry to investigate the full truths of these scandals. Deputy Maclochlain and the other Justice spokesperson in the Oireachtas should be calling on the Government to reform the Garda force which will protect the honest hard working men and women of our police force into the future and where it will protect our citizens from corrupt elements within the force. The scandals that are ongoing in the garda force have to be exposed to the full and it is the duty of our Government to ensure that our police force is democratic and accountable in Modern times.“Finally, I want to point out that Sein Fein complained about the RUC in Northern Ireland until they eventually got the reform they wanted and I am questioning why they don’t want reform of the Gardai within the force which has not been reformed since the foundation of the state. We only have to look at the recent findings in the Smithwicks tribunal against An Garda Siochana. An Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere. Give us the change that is needed. I challenge Deputy Machlochlain to a public debate on Policing and Garda reform or any other Justice spokesperson in the Oireathas.” CLLR McBREARTY CALLS FOR GARDAI TO BE REFORMED was last modified: February 13th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Cllr Frank McBreartyDeputy Padraig MacLochlainnGardaiSinn Feinlast_img read more

Google Cloud Connect: A Microsoft Office Plugin for Syncing with Google Docs

first_imgklint finley Google Cloud Connect is a Microsoft Office plugin released today by Google. It has been available for testers since November, but it is now generally available. It syncs a user’s Office docs with their Google Docs, and adds a toolbar for sharing documents right into Office. We’ve been asking for offline access for Google Docs for years now, and this is a step towards that. Google Cloud Connect is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 are all supported.Several other services sync Google Docs with offline folders, including Gladinet, Insync, Memeo, Offisync and Syncplicity. We looked at some of these here.Google has slowly but surely been turning Google Docs into the mythical Gdrive, and we’ve been tracking that progression.Google also announced today its 90-Day Appsperience program – a way for those curious about Google Apps to get a chance to try it out for a “nominal fee” for 90 days. Tags:#enterprise#saas Related Posts Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… IT + Project Management: A Love Affairlast_img read more

Air Sealing and Insulation in the ProHOME

first_imgEditor’s note: This post originally was published as part of the ProHOME series at Fine Homebuilding magazine. Mike Guertin, an editorial adviser at the magazine, is building the house in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Now it’s time for the blower doorNow we’re at the stage where we need a blower door to exhaust air out of the house, creating a pressure differential between the inside and the outside.This differential will cause air to leak into the house through all the holes we missed during our initial air-sealing process, so that we can locate them and seal them up. And since the house is just framed, with the utilities roughed in, now is the best time to check for leaks. Once the interior insulation and drywall are installed, it will be harder to access air leaks buried inside wall cavities or the top floor ceiling. Cameron, Matt, Brandon, Derek, Ryan, Damian and Addison [students at the Warwick Area Career & Technical Center] worked with me on the air-sealing work during three mornings for about 90 minutes each day.On the first day, the first pass on air-sealing focused on the top floor, sealing up leaks in the MemBrain and along the top plate of the exterior wall. We hit the big leaks. Matt used a Flir IR camera to hunt down air leaks that showed up as blue streaks along and between different building materials. It was a particularly cold day, so the IR contrast was good. As Matt located suspect air leak areas, the others sealed them up using tape and sealants.On the second day, they looked for more leaks, with Cameron handling the IR camera and others feeling with their hands for smaller and smaller leaks. Derek and Matt took on the task of sealing the basement slab to the foundation wall. Sealing this gap is important not only to stop air from leaking in but also to block radon gas and soil moisture from entering the house.Each day the students checked the blower door reading, which is shown as [email protected] (cubic feet per minute at a pressure difference of 50 pascals). They checked this number when they began and again when they wrapped up as a tally of their progress. And each day the numbers fell: 390 to 340 to 270 and finally 195.In order to get an accurate CFM reading without the manometer blinking ‘LO,’ they had to crank up the fan speed and pressure differential up to 100 pascals, which induced the air leaks to whistle, making them easier to locate.The students calculated the volume inside the air control layer of the house and from that volume calculated the air changes per hour (ACH) at 50 pascals as 0.47 ach50. And there are still more spots to air seal.Air-sealing is one of the few parts of home building where we can use measuring equipment to assess and quantify our work. RELATED ARTICLES CertainTeed batts help control moistureThe exterior walls of the ProHOME are insulated with CertainTeed’s SmartBatt R-21 fiberglass batts. Some builders shy away from fiberglass batts, especially when trying to build an energy-efficient home. But installed correctly and coupled with a tight air-control layer, fiberglass batts perform well. The attic received 22 inches of CertainTeed’s InsulSafe blown-in fiberglass for an R-60 blanket.I had planned on installing the insulation myself, with some help, but CertainTeed sent some of their building scientists and installation trainers to do most of the installation.The first thing they did was conduct a blower-door test to check the airtightness. I think they were surprised at how tight the students got the house at the framing stage: 0.40 ach50. [That’s tighter than the Passivhaus standard requires.]It took about two days to complete the insulation. Cameron and Damian and I worked one morning installing batts in the basement. Neither had installed insulation before. After just cutting and installing one stud bay they had the routine down and finished half a wall.When the insulation was complete and CertainTeed re-tested the airtightness of the house, the blower door result came in a little lower: 0.39 ach50.Two days after the insulation was complete, outdoor temperatures plummeted down to the low single digits at night and barely broke 20°F for daytime highs. I just turned on the Mitsubishi minisplit wall unit in the basement to 61°F and the whole house warmed right up to the mid- to upper-50s. If this is any indication, the insulation system is working great.In the following video, representatives from CertainTeed explain how the batt facing keeps moisture out of the walls in winter and allows any moisture accumulating inside the walls during the summer to escape..[Editor’s note: Although Drew Brandt says in the video, “There’s a lot of moisture in the [interior] air in the wintertime. That moisture has to go somewhere,” Brandt’s statement isn’t accurate. The moisture doesn’t really have to go somewhere. The moisture can stay right where it is.]center_img MemBrain blocks air movement into the atticOne of the most important steps in the project was sealing the living space from the attic. The second-floor ceiling has to be installed in an airtight fashion. On this project we’re using CertainTeed’s MemBrain “smart” vapor retarder to block air from moving between the living space and the attic. To look at it, you’d think it was ordinary polyethylene plastic. But MemBrain has variable permeability; it permits moisture vapor to move through while blocking air movement.MemBrain looks like ordinary polyethylene sheeting, but the permeance of the material changes as its environment gets more or less damp.Cameron, Matt, and Derek used cap staplers to tack the MemBrain sheet to the ceiling joists. Cap staples are better than using hammer-tacker staples when you’re trying to minimize holes. The caps help protect the sheet from being damaged by the nose of the stapler. And the caps prevent the MemBrain from tearing out at the staple legs and crowns.After the sheet was tacked up, the crew nailed 1×3 furring strips over the MemBrain. The furring strips serve a couple functions: they hold the MemBrain in place; they protect the material from damage when the interior partition walls are erected; and they create a space where some wires can be run without penetrating the MemBrain.The MemBrain still needs to be tightly sealed to the exterior wall plates and to a strip of MemBrain that Bruce and I positioned over the center bearing wall before placing the ceiling joists. The crew used TiteBond’s WeatherMaster Ultimate MP sealant. It’s super-sticky and bonds well to wood and plastics.After the windows and doors are installed, we’ll use a blower door and smoke to find any leaks in the MemBrain and seal them with tape or more WeatherMaster. Insulating Roofs, Walls, and FloorsInsulation ChoicesAir Sealing an AtticQuestions and Answers About Air BarriersGetting the Biggest Bang for Your Air-Sealing BuckBlower Door BasicsInstalling Fiberglass Right As we framed the house, we air-sealed as much as we could without the assistance of a closed envelope that could be pressure-tested with a blower door. We sealed the mudsill joints between the foundation and the Zip wall sheathing using ProtectoWrap Triple Guard sill seal, the sheathing joints with Zip System tapes, and the top of the wall sheathing to the top plates and blocking with Titebond acoustical sealant.We installed CertainTeed MemBrain as the air barrier on the ceiling of the second floor and sealed it to the exterior top plates with Titebond WeatherMaster Ultimate MP sealant.last_img read more


first_imgThe dates for the 2005 National Touch League have been confirmed as: Opens – Friday to Monday 11 to 14 March 2005 Seniors – Wednesday to Saturday 16 to 19 March 2005 Following on from the announcement of Permits for 2005 to 2007 the Australian Touch Association NTL committee has now been given the task of reviewing the General Conditions for the 2005 Tournament. In the interim the rules and regulations as set out in the current General Conditions Document information stand until the review is completed and the release of the 2005 General Conditions Document.last_img read more

Vine: Northwestern’s Alex Olah Attempts To Take Charge Resulting In Scary Collision With IU’s Hanner Mosquera-Perea

first_imgIndiana player goes up for a lay-up.Vine/Jim WeberIndiana is rolling past Northwestern in today’s Big Ten Tournament game, but the Hoosiers got a major scare from a collision under the basket involving forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea. In attempting to draw a charge call, Northwestern center Alex Olah fell into the knee Mosquera-Perea, who was attacking the basket. Luckily, Mosquera-Perea was able to return to the floor after leaving to the locker room following the play.Hanner Mosquera-Perea headed back to the #iubb bench. ESPN reported that no MRI was needed.— Brent Yarina (@BTNBrentYarina) March 13, 2015Hanner Mosquera-Perea walks back onto the court under his own power and with a bag of ice on his right leg. Heavy limp. #iubb— Jordan Littman (@JordanLittman) March 13, 2015Hopefully he will be okay going forward in this Big Ten Tournament. Indiana has no need to risk any further injury tonight. The Hoosiers lead 67-51 late in the second half.last_img read more

Wisconsin Players Pretended To Be Media Members At Frank Kaminsky’s Press Conference

first_imgWisconsin senior big man Frank Kaminsky was presented with the Oscar Robertson Trophy this morning as the United States Basketball Writers Association’s top college player. He received the honor during a press conference at the Final Four in Indianapolis. Seated among the small group of reporters covering the event were Kaminsky’s teammates, and two of them decided to get in the spirit of things and ask questions. When the floor was opened up, forward Nigel Hayes took the mic, identified himself as “Badger beat writer, inter-squad team relations,” and fired away, asking Kaminsky what it really means to win the award.The Wisconsin basketball program’s Instagram account has the footage.According to For The Win’s Tanya Sichynsky, forward Sam Dekker also got into the act after Hayes. Finally, an actual Wisconsin beat writer got a turn to speak, and here’s what happened. Nigel Hayes asks the first question, Sam Dekker asks the second question. I go third, and the team boos me.— Jim Polzin (@JimPolzinWSJ) April 3, 2015The Badgers certainly know how to keep seemingly mundane NCAA pressers entertaining, that’s for sure.last_img read more

Leonard Fournette Congratulated Nick Chubb On Tying Herschel Walker’s Record

first_imgLeonard Fournette congratulates Nick Chubb in an interview.fournette congratulates chubbLSU sophomore running back Leonard Fournette dominated Eastern Michigan on Saturday, rushing for 233 yards and three touchdowns on just 23 carries. But afterwards, he actually wanted to talk about another tailback who plays in the SEC.Fournette, in both his post-game press conference and later a tweet, congratulated Georgia running back Nick Chubb for tying Herschel Walker’s record for consecutive 100-yard games in a Bulldogs uniform. Chubb’s 146 yards came in defeat to Alabama. It was the 13th straight time he’s crossed the mark.Via NOLA.com:Congrats to the homie @NickChubb21— 7⃣ (@_fournette) October 4, 2015In just four games, Fournette has 864 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns. If he keeps it up, he’ll be breaking records of his own.last_img read more