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BB gun safety

first_imgBy Sharon DowdyUniversity of GeorgiaIn the movie “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie Parker wants only one thing for Christmas: a Red Ryder BB gun. He gets it, too. If your child is as determined as Ralphie, make sure he’s armed with the proper safety training, says a Georgia 4-H target sports safety expert.“As parents, we would never send our kids out to play in a little league football game without the proper protective equipment,” said Mark Zeigler, the Georgia 4-H Shooting Awareness, Fun and Education program coordinator. “Target sports also require the proper protective gear, and the most important part of that gear is sound safety education.”Training thousands The SAFE program’s certified coaches, who are trained in shooting education and youth development, teach more than 3,500 students in the program across the state.Although he didn’t have a BB gun has a child, Zeigler doesn’t discourage parents from buying one for their child. “It can be an appropriate Christmas gift when used under the supervision of an adult and if the child is taught basic firearm safety,” he said. “It’s paramount that children are properly educated first. I just can’t stress that enough.”Improves concentrationIn the area of target sports, Georgia 4-H aims to “help young people interested in shooting sports learn to safely and responsibly enjoy the sport,” Zeigler said. “We promote the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship and ethical behavior.”The SAFE program helps teach safety, but Zeigler says the most important thing students learn has nothing to do with sports.“Studies have shown that participating in shooting sports helps kids improve their concentration levels and their grades,” he said. “And it’s the lowest-injury-rate sport. In 4-H, we teach firearms safety mirrored with youth development standards and principles.” 4-H’ers use Daisy 499 modelIn the 1983 movie, Ralphie wants “an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, Range Model air rifle with a compass on the stock and this thing which tells time.” In the real world, Georgia 4-H’ers are taught to shoot the Daisy 499 model. It can’t be bought in stores and is specifically designed for shooters who compete in international BB championship matches.Zeigler doesn’t allow his four-year-old son to have toy guns. “We have the Real McCoy at our house. I don’t want to confuse him,” he said. “When he’s old enough, he’ll probably have a competition-based BB gun.”He also personally doesn’t support paintball or laser tag. “With these activities, you’re being taught to point something that resembles a firearm at someone else,” he said. “I just can’t support that.”National title holdersLike most 4-H activities, target sports offer students a chance to compete on the regional, state and national levels. “Although competition isn’t the goal of the program, when used correctly, competition can help young people develop life skills and positive habits they can carry through life,” Zeigler said.Georgia 4-H teams currently hold the national titles in archery and National Rifle Association Junior Air Rifle. Georgia 4-H’ers have also used the skills they learned in the SAFE Program to participate in the Summer Olympics, serve in the Army Marksmanship Program and win college scholarships, he said.The Georgia 4-H SAFE program is open to fifth- through eighth-grade students for BB and through high school for other shooting sports like archery.Training essentialIn addition to Georgia 4-H, safety training is available through Boy Scouts, Ducks Unlimited, NRA, Department of Natural Resources and National Wild Turkey Federation, Zeigler said.For more information on the SAFE program, contact your local University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office at 1-800-ASK-UGA1.last_img read more

Contever ® Magic Bow Flower Hair Stretchy Comb Double Clips Hairpins For Women/Ladies : Grandaughter loves it

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Weatherization’s Home-Stretch Recovery

first_img RELATED ARTICLES California Increases Funding For Low-Income Weatherization U.S. House Proposes Huge Increase In Weatherization SpendingGet a Green Grip on Stimulus CashBeyond Weatherization: More Stimulus Money Coming Sorting the Nuts and Bolts of a State’s Weatherization Program Some States Customize Weatherization Plans, but Will DOE Approve?Weatherization Funding’s Hot State/Cold State BalanceMinnesota Gears Up for Weatherization Onslaught As Weatherization, SEP Funds Roll Out, Spending and Scrutiny BeginIn Some Areas, Weatherization Struggles Out of the GateFor Indiana, Weatherization Funds Are Still on HoldNevada Wrestles with Its Weatherization Plan When Spending Weatherization Money Is Harder Than Getting It Transforming Stimulus-Funded Weatherization into a National Industry Weatherization Training Center Doubles in Size, Triples in Training Capacity Still a Slow Dance for Weatherization Funding in Some StatesWeatherization in Texas Inches Along CautiouslyInspections: Crucial Links in the Weatherization ChainGauging the Stimulus Effect in Georgia, MinnesotaRattling California’s Weatherization CageOnce Again, Weatherization Cited as a Stimulus Laggard Stimulus-Funded Weatherization Begins to Find Its FootingDOE Targets Innovation in Its Weatherization Program Pondering the Evolution of Weatherization and Retrofit Snapshots from Tennessee DOE Announces Home Efficiency Scoring System and Weatherization GuidelinesIn New Jersey, Weatherization’s Bureaucratic MeltdownCalifornia’s Ongoing Weatherization OdysseyWeatherization’s Political FalloutLawmaker Targets DOE’s Weatherization Program WAP bang for the stimulus buckThe GAO report explains, for example, that as of September, the 58 state-level WAP grant recipients had been awarded $4.75 billion, had spent about 73%, or $3.46 billion, and were indeed on track to weatherize more than 600,000 homes by March 31. Some recipients exceeded their production targets because average project costs and training expenses in their areas allowed them to weatherize more homes with their grant money.A few recipients have requested a two-year extension, beyond the March 31 deadline, to spend their stimulus grants, although the GAO report, released December 16, noted that the requests had not yet been addressed by Secretary Chu. The GAO pointed out, however, that the Office of Management and Budget issued a memorandum in September declaring that stimulus funds should be spent by September 2013.One of the most encouraging findings highlighted in the GAO press release is that, according to estimates from an Oak Ridge National Laboratory study, energy savings from WAP likely will exceed the program’s costs, with every $1 spent by WAP from 2009 through 2011 yielding $2 over the life of the upgrade.The GAO also says that the quality of FTE [full-time equivalent] jobs data reported by program grantees improved as the expanded rolled out. Although FTEs have been declining, as expected, since the quarter ended December 2010 as weatherization projects were completed, the stimulus still had funded about 14,090 FTEs during the third quarter of 2011. The Weatherization Assistance Program – which emerged as a major administrative challenge and political target after its budget vastly expanded under the federal stimulus bill – turns out to be meeting expectations.That is to say, the expanded WAP has in fact been difficult to implement and slow to get rolling, and its administrative weaknesses, including instances of mismanagement on the local level, have been exposed. However, the program also has met its goals for boosting employment and for weatherizing homes occupied by low-income citizens. In fact, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced this month that the WAP, which is run by the Department of Energy, had completed weatherization of 600,000 homes a full three months ahead of the DOE’s March 31, 2012, deadline.Along the way, the expanded WAP, whose $5 billion allotment was a 0.6% sliver of the approximately $787 billion stimulus bill (including tax credits), became a favorite target of small-government conservatives, who cited the program as a prime example of government waste and fraud. A recent U.S. Government Accountability Office assessment of DOE’s WAP stewardship and the expanded program’s results paints, in considerably drier and more accurate terms than those deployed by its political detractors, a much more positive overall picture, while also noting that there is always room for improvement.last_img read more

Why Adobe Doesn’t Want You Using Older Versions of CC

first_imgAdobe is changing what software you can and can’t use. So, what are the changes, how will it affect you, and what is the cause behind these changes?Last week, users of older versions of Adobe Creative Cloud products began receiving emails indicating that they were no longer licensed to use anything but the most recent versions of the software. Let’s take a look at what’s going on.Changes to Adobe Creative CloudImage via Adobe.Starting around May 10th, 2019, users of all but the most recent versions of Adobe’s Creative Cloud software began to receive alarming emails. Adobe Customer support informed them that they were no longer licensed to use any versions of the software (not available for download) in the Creative Cloud desktop application.Until this notice, subscribers to CC were able to install and use versions going as far back as CS 6 — released in 2012. Now the versions available to install and use through the CC app are significantly limited. For most programs, only the latest two versions are available to download and use. There are a few exceptions including (thankfully) Premiere, which goes back 6 versions to 12.1.2 — released in July of 2018.Adobe posted a terse blog post outlining the reasons for the change:Focusing our efforts on the latest two major releases of Creative Cloud applications, which the vast majority of Adobe customers are already using, will further enable us to develop the features and functionality most requested by customers and ensure peak performance and benefits across Windows and Mac operating systems.Adobe BlogSo, Adobe is claiming the change was made with the end user in mind. This explanation seems more than a little dubious. So, users promptly took to Twitter to gather more information regarding the notices. Adobe customer support began responding to inquiries, and the responses led many to believe that those continuing to use older versions of the Creative Suite may face legal action for doing so:Customers who continue to use or deploy unauthorized versions of Creative Cloud may face potential claims of infringement by third parties. We cannot comment on claims of third party infringement, as it concerns ongoing litigation.Customer Service Tweet in response to Twitter user Geoff GaudreaultAdditional responses on Twitter from the Customer Service team seem to confirm that the change comes “due to a copyright dispute.”So, are available versions being limited in order to give better support and performance to the current versions, as claimed in the blog post? Or is there a legal motivation underlying the change?The Dolby LawsuitApple Insider put together some pieces of the puzzle regarding a possible explanation for the changes to Adobe’s licenses. In March of 2019, Dolby filed a legal complaint against Adobe for what it deems abuse of licensing agreements between the two companies.Kind of ironic.Dolby licenses a number of technologies for use in Adobe’s software and is compensated based upon the number of users using the software. It is common practice — the law, actually — for Adobe to share its records with all third-party providers, in order to ensure all parties are being fairly compensated as outlined in the licensing agreements. On this count, allegedly, Adobe failed miserably.Image via Dolby.Adobe refused to engage in even basic auditing and information sharing practices; practices that Adobe itself had demanded of its own licensees. Adobe apparently determined that it was better to spend years withholding this information from Dolby than to allow Dolby to understand the full scope of Adobe’s contractual breaches.Dolby Court Filing p. 3, lines 19-22 In the filings, Dolby outlines gross misconduct by Adobe with regards to the openness of their accounting and record-keeping practices. Dolby alleges that Adobe has egregiously failed to honor these agreements, provide documentation regarding the fees associated with the agreement, and failed to pay Dolby royalties owed.Dolby has brought seven claims against Adobe. I’ll do my best to break them down:Bundling multiple items together and only reporting one saleOnly reporting sales when directly asked to provide numbersFailure to report and pay royaltiesMisreporting of Adobe products in licensing agreementsFailure to pay royalties on customer upgradesDishonest use of Dolby technology in Creative Suite productsSelling products which use Dolby technology without any license at allDolby Court Filing p. 3, lines 26-28; p. 4, lines 1-7Dolby is seeking a jury trial for claims of copyright infringement and breach of contract. This is likely a move to force Adobe to settle out of court, or risk losing face in the public eye.Who Is Affected?Image via Dolby.Users who always keep their software updated to the most recent versions should see no change to their experience with the Creative Suite.As I’ve covered in the past, however, Adobe releases often come with a slew of bugs and broken features. Many professionals opt to use older versions of Creative Suite software in order to bypass the unpredictability of new releases. Now these professional users must get in the Adobe update pipeline or risk potential legal action from Adobe — or the third-party providers it licenses technology from.In addition to this relatively small sub-set of users, a larger group of creators stand to lose functional access to the tools they have spent years mastering — those who can’t pay the monthly subscription prices to gain access to Adobe’s tools.Whether students, hobbyists, or those living and working in countries with high exchange rates to the dollar, there is a very significant user base who relied on versions of the software before the subscription-based Creative Cloud changes occurred in 2011. Prior to 2011, purchasing Adobe products was a straightforward process. You simply selected the products you needed, and paid a one-time, flat fee for those products. With Creative Cloud, users pay monthly instead until they wish to cancel their subscription.If these changes go through, Adobe will absolutely see falling sales figures.Cover image via Adobe.Looking for video production tips? Check out these articles:Getting Creative: Five Cool Video Edits that Genuinely Work7 Things Clients Look For in a Video Production CompanyReview: DaVinci Resolve 16’s Cut Page — Is It Any Good?Four Reasons You Should Use (and Love) Your Camera’s Stock LensStabilizing Your Camera Movement: Gimbals vs. Steadicamslast_img read more

India beat NZ by 8 wickets, win series 5-0

first_imgIndia swept past the Kiwis 5-0 after an impressive eight-wicket win over the visitors in the fifth and final ODI at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chepauk on Friday.With this series win, India have inflicted the most devastating blow on the Black Caps surpassing 1988’s 4-0 win.India players celebrate their win against New Zealand in Chepauk on Friday. Photo by APBut Friday’s match would not have shaped the way it did, if it hadn’t been for a 97-run stand between Parthiv Patel and Yuvraj Singh.Chasing 104, the two got on with the rescue operation after early blows in the form of Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli left the hosts tottering on 10/2.Batting briskly the duo completed the job in 21.1 overs putting 107 on board.Parthiv scored 56 off 70 balls decorating his innings with six fours and one over-the-fence shot, while Yuvraj hit a quick-fire 42 of just 46 balls, hitting six fours and two sixes on the way.At the start of the India innings, opener Gambhir fell to a Nathan McCullum ball that pitched on the off and took a thick edge of his bat to land in wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum’s glove in the third ball of the first over. At the stage India were yet to open an account.Two overs later, New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori sent danger-man Kohli packing as the Kiwis tried to claw back into the game. But Parthiv and Yuvraj undid their plans with their third-wicket partnership.Earlier, R Ashwin claimed three Kiwi scalps and Ashish Nehra, Yusuf Pathan and Yuvraj Singh took two each in an innings that saw the batsmen walking in and out in quick time.advertisementScott Styris’s 24 was the highest individual score in the New Zealand batting-up that was ripped apart by the Indian bowlers in just 27 overs.Surprisingly, New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori had elected to bat against Gautam Gambhir’s men under overcast conditions.last_img read more


first_img Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppGrand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands, Tuesday February 3, 2015 – The Turks and Caicos Islands Government extends sincere condolences to the Government and citizens of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, on the tragedy which claimed the life of Officer Latorio Demeritte of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, in Nassau, early Monday morning.It is understood that Officer Demeritte was a part of the escort convoy for the ceremonial handover of the body the late Hon. Dr. Rosita Butterfield, MBE, Former Speaker to the House of Assembly of The Turks and Caicos Islands and was en route to the airport for the arrival of Officials from the Turks and Caicos Islands when he met with the fatal crash.On receiving the news of the accident, which came during the third meeting of Cabinet in Grand Turk this morning, Premier, Dr. the Hon. Rufus W. Ewing commented: “The death of Officer Demeritte is extremely unfortunate and I am terribly saddened by this news. Death is never an easy thing to bear, and death of a colleague or loved one from most illnesses, often gives us time to reconcile or say our goodbyes. But tragedy comes so swiftly and unexpectedly, leaving us shocked, heartbroken and with many unanswered questions.“Our thoughts are with the Government, the Commissioner and Members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the family and friends of Officer Demeritte, and I want them to know that they are not alone in mourning his passing. We are eternally grateful for the selflessness of Officer Demeritte, the Bahamas Government and Police Force for their profound generosity, and while we lay to rest our Hon. Dr. Butterfield, we will forever remember and revere the life that was given in service to her and to our country.”END Related Items:death, LATORIO DEMERITTE, royal bahamas police force, rufus ewing Haitian gov’t official under investigation commits suicide No medical report yet in Capron death Police seize drugs, gun & ammo in recent raidslast_img read more