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201516 NBA Preview The Nuggets Have A Tiny Shot At Being Decent

Kenneth Faried has been a solid-but-not-amazing power forward since his rookie year. Any immediate Nuggets surge would likely require Faried to finally have a breakthrough year, but so far he has been extremely consistent. His true shooting percentage is high, but he doesn’t have a long-distance shot. Note that CARMELO hasn’t seen enough to consider Faried to even be on an upward trend. Again, the hopes of Nuggets fans are cast toward Mudiay. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of hard data about Mudiay to go on, so CARMELO‘s projections for him (and all rookies with only international experience) are based on a separate analysis of previous international players based on their draft position, age and height alone. Also our algorithm doesn’t watch the NBA summer league, where Mudiay impressed. So CARMELO isn’t high on the chances of an unknown 19-year-old point guard turning this team around. A quick glance through the history books suggests the same. Even if Mudiay were Rookie of the Year-quality (apparently he is a betting favorite), that rarely translates into team success. There hasn’t been a ROY winner for a winning team since Amar’e Stoudemire in 2002-03.Here’s what CARMELO has to say about the rest of the Nuggets squad: We’re inaugurating our NBA player projection system, CARMELO, with 2015-16 season previews for every team in the league. Check out the teams we’ve already previewed here. Learn more about CARMELO here. The oft-injured 6-foot-10 (i.e., big) small forward/guard is another unpredictable element for this team. It’s not so much that Danilo Gallinari has ever looked amazing or “due” for a breakout, but his career has been tumultuous enough that it’s hard to say for sure whether his true value is higher or lower than what we’ve seen so far. In other bad news for the Nuggets, his 35.5 percent 3-point shooting last year is the highest among the team’s projected starters. Jameer Nelson seems to be winding down his undistinguished career of burning up minutes for the Nuggets. Once an All-Star for the Orlando Magic (No, literally, once. In 2009.), he’s now good for 20 minutes of fill-in duty if called on. As with Chandler, a substantial role for Nelson would probably be bad news for the Nuggets, because if Mudiay can’t beat him out for minutes, the Nuggets are screwed. Randy Foye currently isn’t projected to start, but is the Nuggets’ most experienced shooting guard and ostensibly their best 3-point shooter (with a career 37.5 percent average from behind the arc). Yet overall he grades out as worse than a replacement player: CARMELO graded him as worth -0.4 wins last year, and ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus is even harsher — rating him 86th out of 95 shooting guards, and worth -1.4 wins. Wilson Chandler is a serviceable forward with some experience playing shooting guard from his time with the Knicks. But he played 85 percent of his minutes at small forward for the Nuggets last year. He will be competing with Gallinari for minutes and shots, so fans should probably be rooting for Chandler’s role to diminish. That is, if you’re hearing Chandler’s name called a lot over the next few years, it likely means things aren’t going well for the Nuggets. Jusuf Nurkic (“The Bosnian Beast”) could be limited by offseason knee surgery (CARMELO also doesn’t account for injuries), and he didn’t play all that much last year (averaged about 18 minutes per game when he wasn’t out for injury). He’s young, big and international — and thus more of an unknown. As I said, if the Nuggets are going to catch some breaks, his improvement may have to be one of them. But there’s not much else to go on. Between the Nuggets trading Timothy Mozgov in early January and Nurkic hurting his ankle in late February, he got a chance to start 22 games — of which the Nuggets lost 17. In 2012-13, the Denver Nuggets won 57 games — their highest win percentage since joining the NBA — and fired head coach George Karl in the ensuing offseason. It has not gone well since. They’ve had two disappointing losing seasons, including last year’s 30-52 campaign. The man they’ve hired to turn it all around: Mike Malone — most recently spotted being fired by the Sacramento Kings. Of course, that firing paved the way for the Kings to hire Karl, meaning the Kings and Nuggets are now coached by each other’s castoffs. (Worst. Trade. Ever?)Surely Carmelo has an opinion on George Karl and this coach swap, but CARMELO does not. It sees a team that hasn’t made many concrete changes since last year, and projects the exact same 30-52 record. The Nuggets’ major offseason move was switching point guards from serviceable but unspectacular Ty Lawson to complete wild card Emmanuel Mudiay. Which is not to say the team doesn’t have a chance: Its young core contributors Kenneth Faried, Danilo Gallinari and Jusuf Nurkic have all shown flashes of potential. So if the Nuggets get a couple of breaks (meaning one or more of these players start to break out), they could be improved. And if they get a lot of breaks, they could even be good.Here’s the team overview:1In the following chart, we assume that in addition to the listed players, some portion of Denver’s minutes will be filled by generic players of “replacement level” quality — that is, the type of players who would be freely available off the waiver wire during the season. Read more:All our NBA player projectionsAll our 2015-16 NBA Previews read more

Philipp Max denies United and PSG offers

first_imgAugsburg full-back Philipp Max has dismissed claims that Manchester United and PSG have made offers for him this summer.Max has been reportedly linked with Manchester United and PSG, but recently decided to a new contract with Augsburg, which will keep him at the club till 2022.The 24-year-old is familiar with all the transfer rumours and speculations he has read in the papers but insists he hasn’t received any concrete offers from either clubs.“Some things you read in the newspaper, some things are passed on through your agent”, he told Lattenkreuz.de., via TeamTalk.Cristiano Ronaldo, Nemanja Vidic, Manchester UnitedVidic: “Ronaldo is the most professional footballer I’ve seen” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Nemanja Vidic opened up on how a 21-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo’s professionalism left him stunned at Manchester United.“It was not that I was dealing with an offer.“It was important for me to focus on pre-season. I think that went quite well.”Max understands that his future is dependent on what offers that could arrive in the nearest future.“It always depends on whether there are specific requests. That was not the case this summer.”last_img read more

Google issues Maps APIs for tighter tabs on vehicles

first_img(Phys.org)—Google has been branded and promoted to the point where two associated words-come to mind, “search” and “Maps.” Over 800,000 developers worldwide use Google Maps APIs, according to the company, to create their own location-based applications based on Google Maps. Now Google is promoting its Maps technology benefits to a special audience, the enterprise. Google on October 17 officially rolled out two new APIs targeted at enterprise customers for building their own location-enabled applications. The standard reason offered for why businesses should respond is efficiency. Google announces Floor Plan app for venue owners More information: googleenterprise.blogspot.co.u … to-add-location.html Explore further Citation: Google issues Maps APIs for tighter tabs on vehicles (2012, October 21) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2012-10-google-issues-apis-tighter-tabs.htmlcenter_img © 2012 Phys.org “Businesses have a lot of moving parts – sometimes quite literally,” said Nabil Naghdy, Google Maps Product Manager. “Map-based information is useful for any business that relies on a fleet of vehicles, employees who travel, or other mobile resources. To help organizations build their own location-enabled applications, we’re launching two new APIs.” The new APIS are Maps Tracks and Maps Geolocation.Maps Tracks API gives organizations the ability to introduce apps that can store, display and analyze GPS data on a map. The idea is for the business to track, analyze, and visualize asset movement. The business payback would lie in how the Maps Tracks API, for example, could provide a fleet management company with tools for analyzing data from past and present deliveries. By seeing routing information on a Google Map, they can determine which routes can save time and fuel.The API is built on top of Google’s cloud infrastructure and offers something called geo-fencing. With geo fencing, a company creates a virtual region on a map to notify a device when it enters or exits a predefined area. In the case of a fleet operation, notifications could be set that would automatically alert drivers if they were ten miles outside their delivery territory and needed to turn around. The notifications could reduce dependence on a central dispatcher.The new Google Maps Geolocation API enables an application or device to determine its own location without the use of GPS. With a Geolocation API, a business could keep tabs on its vehicles without having to install expensive GPS units. It does this by looking up locations of nearby WiFi access points and cell towers. Google notes that a device can save battery life and work indoors or in remote areas by limiting GPS use. In dense city blocks where GPS dropout is not unusual, a dispatcher can still locate its fleet. “The Google Maps Geolocation API returns a location and accuracy radius based on information about cell towers and WiFi nodes that the mobile client can detect,” according to Google. “Communication is done over HTTPS using POST. Both request and response are formatted as JSON, and the content type of both is application/json.” This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

India to be partner country at Ambiente 2019

first_imgThe focal point of the worldwide consumer goods market is set on India as the nation gets ready to hold the title of partner country at Ambiente 2019 – the world’s biggest and most important international trade platform for interior decor, dining, cooking, jewellery, and more. Ambiente 2019 will take place from 8 – 12 February 2019.India remains one of the very few countries in the world that still creates textiles and crafts coming from the genius of its master weavers and artisans. With an aim to draw attention to Indian artisans and promote handicraft exports, Ministry of Textiles together with Messe Frankfurt India unveiled the India Design Concepts on the lines of ‘Future is handmade’ in New Delhi as part of the Partner Country highlight at Ambiente. This exclusive project will make way for Indian designers and artisans to showcase the best of heritage art and crafts infused with modern design thinking and position India on the world map of design and decor. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfMesse Frankfurt, which is the oldest and perhaps the biggest trade fair organiser in the world, has nominated India as the partner country for Ambiente 2019. As a highly respected trade fair which has over 50000 trade visitors and participants from over 50 countries (India itself has close to 450 exhibitors), the platform presents an opportunity to showcase the possibilities in this sector. India’s young talents, Jaipur-based Designer Ayush Kasliwal, and Bengaluru-based Sandeep Sangaru have been nominated to design the India pavilion and the café respectively. Additional spaces have been awarded to the government to present the scope and various perspectives. The themes and design concepts will be curated by Sunil Sethi, President of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveA design arena on the theme of ‘Timeless and Handmade’ will be curated by Jaipur-based designer Ayush Kasliwal and designed with gentle Indian shades, beautifully lit in the format of a design gallery. Bengaluru-based Sandeep Sangaru will be designing the Café concept based on the theme of “Starry Nights’ illustrating the usage of bamboo in his designs. The other arena which has been accorded to the government to present the Indian design perspectives will be based on the themes of ‘Crafts Forward, Crafts and Perspectives, and Crafts and Industry. India has always had a crafted life, from the beautiful to the mundane, from the celebration to the everyday. As a top participant at Ambiente, every year, over 400 Indian manufacturers present Indian workmanship at the global fair. With India being the Partner Country for 2019 edition, the worldwide consumer goods sector has its eyes set on the future potential of the USD 3573 million export market and the heritage art and crafts that will be put together through the concept of “Future Is Handmade”.last_img read more