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With mindfulness, life’s in the moment

first_img Meditation study shows changes associated with awareness, stress Mindfulness meditation made easy Using meditation techniques in classrooms can boost clarity and learning, Kabat-Zinn says When science meets mindfulness Second of two partsOn a cold winter evening, six women and two men sat in silence in an office near Harvard Square, practicing mindfulness meditation.Sitting upright, eyes closed, palms resting on their laps, feet flat on the floor, they listened as course instructor Suzanne Westbrook guided them to focus on the present by paying attention to their bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions, and especially their breath.“Our mind wanders all the time, either reviewing the past or planning for the future,” said Westbrook, who before retiring last June was an internal-medicine doctor caring for Harvard students. “Mindfulness teaches you the skill of paying attention to the present by noticing when your mind wanders off. Come back to your breath. It’s a place where we can rest and settle our minds.”The class she taught was part of an eight-week program aimed at reducing stress.Studies say that eight in 10 Americans experience stress in their daily lives and have a hard time relaxing their bodies and calming their minds, which puts them at high risk of heart disease, stroke, and other illnesses. Of the myriad offerings aimed at fighting stress, from exercise to yoga to meditation, mindfulness meditation has become the hottest commodity in the wellness universe.Suzanne Westbrook, a retired internal-medicine doctor, taught an eight-week program that focused on reducing stress. Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff PhotographerModeled after the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program created in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn to help counter stress, chronic pain, and other ailments, mindfulness courses these days can be found in venues ranging from schools to prisons to sports teams. Even the U.S. Army recently adopted it to “improve military resilience.”Harvard offers several mindfulness and meditation classes, including a spring break retreat held in March for students through the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion. The Office of Work/Life offers programs to managers and staff, as well as weekly drop-in meditation sessions on campus, online guided meditation resources, and even a meditation phone line, 4-CALM (at 617.384.2256).“We were tasked to find ways for the community to cope with stress. And at the same time, so much research was coming out on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation,” said Jeanne Mahon, director of the wellness center. “We keep offering mindfulness and meditation because of the feedback. People appreciate to have the chance for self-reflection and learn about new ways to be in relationships with themselves.”More than 750 students have participated in mindfulness and meditation programs since 2012, said Mahon.Part of mindfulness’ appeal lies in the fact that it’s secular. Buddhist monks have used mindfulness exercises as forms of meditation for more than 2,600 years, seeing them as one of the paths to enlightenment. But in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, mindfulness is stripped of religious undertones.,Mindfulness’ popularity has been bolstered by a growing body of research showing that it reduces stress and anxiety, improves attention and memory, and promotes self-regulation and empathy. A few years ago, a study by Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist and assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and assistant researcher in psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, was the first to document that mindfulness meditation can change the brain’s gray matter and brain regions linked with memory, the sense of self, and regulation of emotions. New research by Benjamin Shapero and Gaëlle Desbordes is exploring how mindfulness can help depression.The pioneer of scientific research on meditation, Herbert Benson, extolled its benefits on the human body — reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and brain activity — as early as 1975. He helped demystify meditation by calling it the “relaxation response.” Benson is director emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Mind/Body Medicine Distinguished Professor of Medicine at HMS.In the 1980s, mindfulness had yet to become a buzzword, recalls Paul Fulton, a clinical psychologist who has practiced Zen and insight meditation (vipassana) for more than 40 years. In the mid-1980s, when he was working on his doctoral dissertation on the nature of “self” among Buddhist monks, speaking of mindfulness in a medical context among scientists was “disreputable,” he recalled.“Gradually because of the research, it became chic, no longer disreputable,” said Fulton, a lecturer in psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at HMS and co-founder of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy. “And now you can’t step a foot out of the house without being barraged by mindfulness.”Melanie Denham, head coach of Harvard women’s rugby team, recently attended a mindfulness workshop, intrigued by the idea of incorporating the techniques into her players’ training regimen to help them cope with the pressures of “expectation and performance.”,“In and out of the classroom, these student-athletes are immersed in a highly competitive culture,” said Denham. “This is stressful. This kind of training can develop a more-skillful mind and a sense of focus and well-being that can help them better maintain control and awareness of their thoughts, emotions, and presence in the moment.”The growing interest in the field is reflected in Harvard’s course catalog. This spring, Lazar is teaching “Cognitive Neuroscience of Meditation,” Ezer Vierba leads an expository freshmen writing course on “Buddhism, Mindfulness, and the Practical Mind,” and Metta McGarvey teaches “Mindfulness for Educators” at the Graduate School of Education.Due to high demand, McGarvey, who holds a doctorate in human development and psychology, teaches a three-day workshop for educators. It offers tools to enhance their work and their focus through breathing practices and self-compassion exercises. Take 10 A daily practice will provide the most benefits. It can be 10 minutes per day, however, 20 minutes twice a day is often recommended for maximum benefit. Stay focused Thoughts will try to pull your attention away from the breath. Notice them, but don’t pass judgment. Gently return your focus to your breath. Some people count their breaths as a way to stay focused. Related Building calm into the day Eight weeks to a better brain Researchers study how it seems to change the brain in depressed patients Now breathe Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax. Feel the fall and rise of your chest and the expansion and contraction of your belly. With each breath notice the coolness as it enters and the warmth as it exits. Don’t control the breath but follow its natural flow. Settle in Find a quiet space. Using a cushion or chair, sit up straight but not stiff; allow your head and shoulders to rest comfortably; place your hands on the tops of your legs with upper arms at your side. Mindfulness over matters Mindfulness meditation programs help students decompress “A lot of them are working in really tough environments, with all kinds of pressures,” said McGarvey. “The rates of burnout in some of the more challenging environments are very high.”Ayesha Hood, a police officer from Baltimore who is interested in running a day care center, attended McGarvey’s workshop last fall, and found it helpful. “As a police officer, I live in high stress, and as a public servant, I tend to neglect myself,” she said. “I want to calm myself and be conscious about it.”Christine O’Shaughnessy, a former investment bank executive who lead workshops at Harvard, said, “All day we’re bombarded with social media, colleagues, work, children, etc. We don’t have time to spend it in quiet reflection. But if you practice it at least once a day, you’ll have a better day.”To skeptics who still view mindfulness as hippie-dippy poppycock, O’Shaughnessy has four words: “Give it a try.” When she first signed up for a mindfulness workshop in 1999, she said she was skeptical too. But once she realized she was becoming calmer and less stressed, she converted. She eventually quit her job and became a mindfulness instructor. (She recently launched a free meditation app.)“Doing mindfulness is like a fitness routine for your brain,” she said. “It keeps your brain healthy.”,Mindfulness practitioners admit the practice can offer challenges. It requires consistency because its effects can be better felt over time, and discipline to train the wandering mind to keep coming back to the present, without judgment. A 2014 study said that many people would rather apply electroshocks to themselves than be alone with their thoughts. Another study showed that most people find it hard to focus on the present and that the mind’s wandering can lead to stress and even suffering. Despite the rising acceptance of mindfulness, many people still think the practice involves emptying their minds, taking mini-naps, or going into trances. Beginners often fall asleep, feel uncomfortable, struggle with difficult thoughts or emotions, and become bored or distracted. Adepts recommend practicing the process in a group with an instructor.After the training session led by Westbrook, one participant said she couldn’t stop thinking about what was for dinner during the meditation practice; others nodded in agreement. Westbrook reassured her, saying that mindfulness is not about stopping thoughts or emotions, but instead about noticing them without judgment. Mindfulness builds resilience and awareness to help people learn how to ride life’s ups and downs and live happier and healthier lives, said Westbrook, who, after helping heal the bodies of thousands of patients in 36 years as a doctor, plans to devote her second career to caring for people’s spirits and souls, maybe as a chaplain.“Mindfulness is not about being positive all the time or a bubblegum sort of happiness — la, la, la,” she said. “It’s about noticing what happens moment to moment, the easy and the difficult, and the painful and the joyful. It’s about building a muscle to be present and awake in your life.”For more information about the Mindfulness & Meditation program at Harvard University, visit its website. For a list of spring courses for Harvard faculty and staff, visit the Mindfulness at Work Program website.last_img read more

Another coal-free generation record for the U.K.

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:The U.K. has gone more than five days without burning coal, the longest streak the country has managed without burning the fuel since the Industrial Revolution.Great Britain was an early adopter of renewable energy and has more offshore wind turbines installed than any other country. It also has fields of solar panels that are meeting more and more demand as old traditional power plants close permanently.The nation will quit burning coal for power entirely by 2025 and the policy ambition has seen the country’s emissions tumble to pre-industrial levels. Coal’s portion of the power generation mix has dropped from 40 percent just six years ago to 5 percent last year.No coal has been used for power generation by stations in the U.K. since about 1 p.m. in London on May 1, according to grid data on Bloomberg. The previous record from earlier this year was 90 hours. Other sources have stepped in and on Saturday, wind generated as much as 27 percent of the country’s power followed by gas at 25 percent and nuclear at 24 percent.“As more and more renewables come onto our energy system, coal-free runs like this are going to increasingly seem like the new normal,” National Grid said. “We believe that by 2025 we will be able to fully operate Great Britain’s electricity system with zero carbon.”More: U.K. sets record for life without coal Another coal-free generation record for the U.K.last_img read more

Honduras Will Recover Six Vessels That Were in the Scrapyard

first_img The Honduran Navy has announced that during 2011 it aims to recover some six vessels that were “in the cemetery,” the latest of them, the speedboat Honduras, moored at the Puerto Cortés base. This was confirmed by Juan Pablo Rodríguez, commandant of the Navy, who specified that four of these ships are in the Caribbean, and another two in the Gulf of Fonseca. It is estimated that around 3.4 million dollars will be devoted to each of them. The commandant explained that it is less expensive to repair them than to purchase new equipment. “These ships that we’re going to recover are practically in the cemetery; they’re already past their useful life, but we’re going to rescue them from the ashes,” the commandant noted. The officer said that the Navy’s operational level has been on the rise since last year, as it succeeded in recovering four coast guard patrol boats in 2010, with an investment of ten million lempiras each. For Rodríguez, recovering the equipment makes it possible to improve the wellbeing of the personnel, since they have greater opportunities when training, and that creates motivation, that is, “morale is raised” by learning. The defense minister, Marlon Pascua, said that a financial effort to recover this equipment has been made at the level of the Secretariat, and this year the approach will be the same, since the aim is to strengthen the equipment already in the possession of the Armed Forces. Pascua specified that funds were also dedicated last year to the modernization of a number of installations. By Dialogo January 17, 2011last_img read more

Trump will slowly drain the swamp

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion If Donald Trump was not elected president, none of this would be known to the American public.It will take time but slowly as the inspector general does his job, it will prove the president correct.Donald Trump may not be the most predictable man as the leader of our country, but for sure he’s for the American people. The swamp will slowly be drained of all the people still “shell shocked” that they lost.Jerry BubniakNorthvilleMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Former FBI Director James Comey stated that his thought process was that Hillary Clinton would be voted in as the next president of the United States.Therefore, he concluded in investigating her e-mails, he did not want to have an elected president facing a criminal charge. So he concocted gobbledygook language to find her careless but not criminally liable. Is this not a double standard of the law?last_img read more

Local businesses shift to selling vouchers, coffee by the liter to survive pandemic

first_imgLocal brands, especially in the food and beverage business, are selling vouchers, ready-to-cook meals and coffee by the liter to keep their business afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.Some of them have joined an online platform called supportlocalbrandsID initiated by TADA, a customer retention application, digital cashier application Moka and ride-hailing giant Gojek, which provide a website where local brands can promote their vouchers.“We created this platform so local brands can retain some of their income,” said TADA managing director Antonius Taufan in a written statement on April 20. He added that the three companies had the idea for a collaborative platform after listening to the complaints of the local brands about the effect of the pandemic on their businesses. The Indonesian Retailers Association (Aprindo) said its 150 members had seen a fourfold increase in transactions using online applications or delivery services, while visits to physical outlets had gone down.Visits to retail and recreational spaces such as restaurants and shopping centers in Indonesia have dropped 43 percent in the first week of April from January-February, according to Google’s Community Mobility Reports on global movement trends during the pandemic.Antonius went on to say that, through the platform, customers could buy e-vouchers from hundreds of local businesses in beauty, food and beverage (F&B), fashion, hotels and other services. The vouchers are valid for one year and can be redeemed once the stores are open for business again while store owners can retain their business income through the voucher sales.Moka CEO Haryanto Tanjo said the start-up encouraged its local brand clients to participate in the platform so the businesses could stay connected with their customers and maintain their cashflow during the pandemic. “Hopefully this initiative can support the sustainability of Indonesian brands in this tough time,” said the head of third-party platforms at Gojek, Sony Radhityo. He added that consumers could access the platform through the website or a shuffle card in the Gojek app that would be available until June.Local brands can join the platform for free, and all the revenue from voucher sales will be transferred directly to the business owners.One F&B business that has joined the platform is local dessert store Puyo. The company’s cofounder and CEO, Adrian Agus, told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday that it had to close 75 of 93 stores throughout Java since the coronavirus outbreak in March.He went on to say that, since joining the platform, the company had recorded fewer than 200 transactions for the vouchers.“Hopefully the platform can raise awareness about the pandemic effect on local businesses, especially the people working there,” Adrian said, adding that Puyo planned to use the revenue to pay employees’ salaries.Other local brands have opted to sell ready-to-cook meals through e-commerce platforms. Local steakhouse Holycow, for example, has been selling marinated beef that consumers could grill at home, while vegetarian food chain Burgreens has been selling frozen food on Tokopedia since last Friday.Tokopedia COO Melissa Siska Juminto said on April 17 that the e-commerce platform had been seeing a new trend of offline restaurants selling frozen and dry foods and cafés opening online stores in the marketplace.“One interesting thing is that we are seeing a new trend of cafés selling coffee in 1-liter quantities on our platform,” she said. “People used to hang out in coffee shops with friends and family, so they want to bring that activity home with coffee for the whole family.”Tokopedia recently launched the #SatuDalamKopi (#UnitedInCoffee) campaign to promote local coffee sales, such as the 1-liter coffee, ground coffee and coffee beans, on one page of their website.Dua Coffee is one of the local cafés that started selling its products through Tokopedia since the pandemic. The café’s cofounder Omar Karim Prawiranegara said 80 percent of the coffee shop sales now came from online orders.“Moving our business to online sales is inevitable and online sales is now our business’ backbone,” he said.Topics :last_img read more

BC Ferries’ Salish Orca Starts Service

first_imgImage Courtesy: BC FerriesCanada-based ferry owner and operator BC Ferries has officially welcomed Salish Orca, the first of three new Salish Class vessels, into service.The vessel’s inaugural sailings on the Comox-Powell River route started in the morning hours of May 16.Salish Orca is one of the three new ships that are dual-fuel and capable of operating on either natural gas or ultra-low sulfur marine diesel.BC Ferries expects that its use of natural gas for these vessels will result in the reduction of an estimated 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, the same as taking approximately 1,900 passenger vehicles off the road annually.The ferries can carry 145 vehicles and up to 600 passengers and crew. With a gross tonnage of 8,728 tons each, the vessels feature two car decks and have a service speed of 15.5 knots.In January, Salish Orca reached British Columbia after a 10,440 nautical mile journey from Gdansk, Poland. Following this, the ship conducted a series of sea trials as part of operational training, verifying the interface with docks at the company’s terminals.BC Ferries’ second of three new LNG-powered ships, Salish Eagle, arrived in British Columbia in late March. Salish Raven, the third ship, departed Poland on April 28 and is currently en route to British Columbia.last_img read more

Pirogue of Martinique Regiment arrives here to celebrate 50th anniversary.

first_img 107 Views   no discussions At 3:15pm this afternoon a yole (sail boat) accompanied by several yatchs and were seen on the quay of the Fort Young Hotel. This was part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the French Over Sea and the Adapted Military Service (AMS), crossing the Dominican channel in a traditional boat which took a total of six hours.The Martinique Regiment is the Adapted Military Service of the West Indies and Guyana, created 1st December, 1961 in Martinique. The objective of this event “is to tighten the links between France and Dominica and to promote the image of Dominica among French people. Moreover, some dissidents, those Frence people of Martinique and Guadeloupe who reached the war operations theaters through Dominica or Saint Lucia in order to join the Allies, will take part in some commemorations. This will be the opportunity to associate people of different generations and nationalities in a wide range historical event.”The activity will be celebrated with a military ceremony in Dominica, the construction of classrooms at the Alliance Francais, as well as a friendly match of football, rugby and cricket.According to Mr. Langenier who is the French Defence Attache’ at the French Embassy in Martinique, Dominica was choosen with a view to tighten links between France and Dominica.Click here to listen to interview with Mr. Langenier: Mr. LangenierA military ceremony will be held on Thursday at the Cenotaph with members of the Dominica Police Force as well as dissidence from Martinique  in memory of the assistance the French military officials received during the Second World War.[album id= 31 template =extend]Dominica Vibes News LocalNews Pirogue of Martinique Regiment arrives here to celebrate 50th anniversary. by: – May 10, 2011 Share Sharecenter_img Tweet Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

Ex-drug convict falls in buy-bust

first_imgBacarro was nabbed after he allegedlysold a sachet of illegal drugs to an undercover officer for P30,000 around 6:40p.m. on Nov. 19. ILOILO City – A former drug convict wasnabbed in a buy-bust operation in Barangay  Police investigations showed the suspectwas recently released from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. Thirteen sachets of suspected shabuvalued at around P60,000 were seized from 28-year-old resident Khasmar Bacarro,a police report showed. center_img Camambugan, Balasan, Iloilo. Bacarro was detained in the custodialfacility of the Balasan municipalpolice station, facing charges for violation of Republic Act 9165, or theComprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002./PNlast_img read more

Lady Bulldogs Battle Lady Tigers In Softball Battles

first_imgThe Batesville Lady Bulldog Softball team was defeated by Lawrenceburg last night by a score of 3-2.Lawrenceburg got on top in the first inning after an infield throwing error by the Bulldogs allowed the batter to advance to 2nd. A ground out and a lazy single to shallow right field allowed Nagel to score.Lawrenceburg kept the Bulldogs off balance and only allowed 4 hits on the game, and held them scoreless until the 5th inning when Oldham was hit by a pitch to start the inning. Wilson reached on an error, advancing Oldham to 2nd. Waechter grounded out, but advanced Wilson and Oldham to scoring position. The both then scored when Garcia hit the ball down the right field line.Both teams were scoreless again into the 7th inning. Lawrenceburg started their 7th with another lazy low pop up to right field just out of the reach of a diving 2nd baseman, Burkhart. McCool then doubled to CF to advance the courtesy runner, Helert to 3rd. Sturgill then flied out with a low pop up to Huffner. A ground ball single to left field scored the tying run. Another lazy fly ball to shallow left field scored the winning run.The four Batesville hits came from Garcia, Laker, Burkhart, and Waechter.Obermeyer finished the game with a full 7 innings with 3 strikeouts and 0 walks. She threw 59 pitches to 25 batters and only allowed 5 hits which gave her a .789 WHIP (Walks plus hits per inning pitched).Wilson finished the game with 9 putouts while Cornn ended with 5. Obermeyer and Burkhart each recorded 3 assists each. As a team, the Bulldogs recorded a .964 Fielding Percentage.‘I thought the Bulldogs played a really good game, but just came up short at the end. It is definitely an improvement over the last few games. We really need to get our bats going as we have only scored 6 runs in three games.’ Bulldogs Coach Randy Obermeyer.Next up – Connersville away on Thursday with a 5:30 game time.The JV Lady Bulldogs traveled to Lawrenceburg Tuesday evening and defeated the Lady Tigers by a score of 13-0.  The Bulldogs were aggressive early and often at the dish, slugging out 13 hits on the evening.Batesville charged out of the gate to an early 3-0 lead after one inning and continued to tack on the runs throughout the night.  The Bulldogs added three more runs in the second, four in the third, and three more Bulldogs came around to score in the top half of the fifth.The Bulldogs also had an impressive night in the field as they didn’t commit a single error.The JV Bulldogs were led at the plate by Paige Oldham who went 4-4 on the night.  Oldham had a triple, two doubles, and single while driving in six Bulldog runs.  Chloe Saler, Hannah Nunlist, and Anna Gerth added two hits a piece while Callie Main, Gwen Martin, and McKenzie Laker each had one.  Main and Gerth each came around to score 3 times in the game.Abby Westerfeld hurled three terrific innings for the Bulldogs striking out seven Lady Tiger hitters and allowed only two hits.  Oldham came on in relief and finished off the final two innings punching out three batters while giving up just a single hit.The JV Bulldogs put all the pieces together for a strong outing and I look forward to continuing the momentum into the next game.Batesville JV softball will next be in action Friday evening at home against South Dearborn.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Stacey Kessens.last_img read more

Pacific Northwest pilot Braaten will test his Northern SportMod skills at Super Nationals

first_imgHaving already proven himself at the Duel In The Desert, Oregon hotshoe Jorddon Braaten will next take on the best drivers in the Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod division at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s. (Photo by Carole Bryan, Shadows of Light Photos)MEDFORD, Ore. – Jorddon Braaten got a pretty good idea how he measured up with Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod competition from across the country at last November’s Duel In The Desert.Next, he’ll test his mettle racing with the best of the best at Boone Speedway in September.The first driver in division history from the State of Oregon to finalize plans to race at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s, Braaten won back-to-back track titles at Southern Oregon Speedway before running seventh in the big season-ending show at Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s Dirt Track.“I’m pretty proud of how we did at the Duel In The Desert and I’ve always wanted to go to Super Nationals,” said the Medford pilot. “I have the opportunity to go with Fred Ryland so I’ll drop my car off in California. He’s got a crewman who will drive the hauler there. We’ll fly to Des Moines and race at Marshalltown (the Sept. 2 Showdown) before Super Nationals.”“The competition here probably isn’t comparable to the Midwest,” he added. “I want to go there and learn as much as I can. We’re going to go with what we know when we get there and hopefully that will be a good baseline.”Braaten is a first-generation driver, although he followed his father Don into the sport. The senior Braaten began pitting for a friend, the family started going to the track and it wasn’t long before Jorddon was hooked.He got his first car, a street stock – similar to an IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock – for Christmas in 2009 and began his on track career the next summer, racing primarily at White City.New Northern SportMod sanctions in the Pacific Northwest gave Braaten the chance to race in an open wheeled division.“Northern SportMods are one of the fastest growing divisions around here and they’re less expensive than Modifieds,” he explained. “No way did I expect to have the success that I’ve had running with guys who have raced 10-15 years. I have to thank the Lord, my crew and a lot of good sponsors for our success.”The 2014 Allstar Performance State champion and current point leader in Oregon, Braaten was fresh off his 12th victory of the season, a total that includes six wins in as many starts at Cottage Grove Speedway.“We’ve won over 50 percent of our races this year. That’s pretty cool,” he said. “Realistically, our goal at Super Nationals is to make the main event. If you do that, anything can happen. We have to make sure we have everything we need when we get there and maybe pull some luck out of Iowa.”His upcoming trip to Super Nationals will also be his last with a SportMod. Braaten has purchased a 2014 Larry Shaw Chassis and will be an IMCA Modified rookie in 2017. He’ll put the For Sale sign on his SportMod after the Duel In The Desert.In addition to his parents Don and Melissa, Braaten’s crew includes his uncle Mike Van Brunt, girlfriend Joscelyn Johnson and Tucker Harlow.His sponsors, all of Medford, are Quench & Drench, Severson Custom Fabrication, Miller Paints, Stewart Media, Rodgers Racing Engines, West Coast pipeline, Schaefer’s Racing Oil, Cloud Maintenance and Advanced Door and Hardware.last_img read more